1.i always hide my feelings

 yet i crave attention

2.i love tea

3.i hate it where i live.ive lived here for 11 years and still cant  really call it home

4.i dont think i have any true friends

4.i love spicy foods

5.i hate the hot weather

6.ive never been on an airplane

7.i cant sleep unless music is playing

8.i have 2049 songs on my ipod

9.i always remeber my dreams and nightmares

10.i have not told or heard my dad or my sister say they love me in years

11.i have asthma

12.i am a vegeterian

13.i am anemic

14.my room is a mess

15.i did not think the notebook was a sad movie.

16.i have vey sensitive skin so i have to buy special make up and lotions

17.ive only been to the beach once

18.ive been bunji jumping

19.i dont think im tht pretty

20.i cant stand when im at a restraunt and someones alone.i always go talk to them

like the other day i went to ihop with my friends and saw an old woman all alone so i

ate lunch with her.she was so sweet

21.i do not love my father

22.i dont have a favorite color

23.i think i would of killed myself if music,photography,and writing did not exist

24.i love to draw though im awful at it

25.i cant stand preppy girls who only seem to care about how they look

26.i refuse to date a guy unless he shares my music taste haha

27.i never cheated on anyone

28.i sing

29.i love being random

sarahbabydoll sarahbabydoll
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 1, 2010

u sound like a awsome gurl 2 get 2 knw

All you need to be a poet. Misery combined with hope. Keep writing.

You sound like a pretty cool person to get to know.