Little Ole Me

My birthday is on XMas. My first husband beat me up. I absolutely love to flyfish. I have many hidden tattoos but love that if you knew me you would never think I was the "type". My favorite possession is my Longhorn ball cap. I believe in soul mates but haven't found mine because my husband now does not love me.  I love, love, love my Jeep but not as much as I love my dog Porter  :)  I am a loyal friend. I went to Catholic school- ha ha! My second toe is longer than my first. Whew! That's about all I can think of- sorry, not very exciting....

howdidigethere howdidigethere
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4 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Seaman, I am starting to think it doesn't exist.... it's just something that sells books and movies....

soulmates-am glad you are not the only one who is not lucky in this department:-)

AlDente, I googled this the other day and if memory serves me well I think they call this 2nd toe thing "Morton's Toe". I don't like that it has a name now... I kinda liked thinking that it helped with the whole flyfishing thing... and that it didn't gross people out (have you seen Shallow Hal?) Well, I can also pinch with it so that's something LOL!

Well, not really weird. There are tons of people whose second toe is longer than their first. I should google it- or you should before you tell someone it's weird. Who knows, maybe it helps me keep my balance in a fast stream as I am fighting a 20 inch trout in :)