i feel the pull

the allure of it all.

The pain

searing...the heat

skin to skin

fist to fist

my nails upon you

"dig in baby"

  so i do


your flesh parting beneath my fingers


streaking it's way behind my nails

  --me too, love--

until i bleed

   until i beg and cry

teach me,

fix me,

         break me    

 the blood pooling

beneath my skin

bruising flesh

purple black and dark.

sighs of relief if i think on it too long... really now

   my hair too

yes, love hold on

pull hard

ok harder.......

I need this i suppose

to feel

tear me up

bite through it all

I want to bleed...

        My eyes

moist and dark

taking it all in

  and out

yes, love

make it rough

make it hurt

punish me.....

for all my sins.

        my flesh tingles

at the thought alone 

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1 Response Feb 19, 2009