Vox Is Going to ******* Marry Me.

I went to America.

I fell in love at first sight.

I told her so within a few hours.

Within two days I had asked her to marry me.

She said yes.


I'd ******* die for her in a second. ******* shoot me, burn me, cut me, stab my ******* eyes out, rip my torso in two and watch as my insides spill at your ******* feet but don't ever even consider the thought of harming this beautiful woman or I will hunt you down into hell and tear what's left of you pitiful soul to pieces with my damned teeth and hands.

She said ******* yes God, you stupid, ignorant ****, you really need to pay closer attention, cos we are gonna **** up your ****.

Vox and I.

We're getting married................

..........................................by the end of the summer.



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34 Responses Mar 10, 2009

aww, congrats! Thats awesome. ^_^

thank you Sela. Long time!

thanking you kindly.<br />
<br />

That is fantastic, so happy to hear it. Good luck to you both and many blessings.

congrats!!!!! i'm so happy for you. i wish you both forever happiness.

No stranger than me writing it.............haha, always the ******* drama king (queen)!

Again, thank you all so much. Yes EP is amazing, and has all my gratitude for the wonderful gifts it has brought into my life.


Congrats! That sounds like an amazing experience, I'm so jealous.<br />
<br />
Just wondered ... why would I want to hurt Vox?

Aww this is ******* awesome, congrats dude!

Congrats dude! Have an awesome time! =)

=] =] =] =] =]<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

Congrats yo

Congrutulations! That's ******* awesome!

!!!FxckidyFxckingFxckyFxcko!!!! Misrey I LOVES You BEBBES!! This is all so Fxcking Wonderfull! <br />
<br />
Thanks Everyone !!<br />
<br />
Real Woman, Betty, DD ..Your Loves Await.. ;)


hey, is this turning into a character assasination?.......hahahaha.<br />
<br />
Thank you msp, thanks brut and everyone

No Brut.... that's "Confucking grats to you both" *giggles* I like this game!

Congrats to you both-<br />
<br />
*brut raises glass to the happy couple*

hey what are you saying? I don't ******* swear that ******* much!<br />
<br />
Good luck to you guys (Betty & DD) too, I can't ******* describe it..........<br />
<br />
******* amazing!

aawwwww.... okay wait, gotta put it in your language<br />
<br />
fffuucckkiinnggg aaawwww! <br />
<br />
*giggles*<br />
<br />
congrats darlin'... ain't love grand

hmm, maybe this summer will be strikingly similar for me :)

yes I did. and I still wouldn't apart for one sublime exception.......<br />
<br />

Your stupid arse is very wise! ;)

Congratulations! :)

This love is just amazing!!


congrats to you both!!! I am so happy for you :)

Thank you, she's actually moving to ******* london, to be with my stupid ***.......<br />
<br />
........................how about that!

It hit me in much the same way, it was "a happy collision". :)


Thank you thank you thank you,<br />
<br />
i ******* love her so much it ******* hurts.<br />
<br />
i've been looking for her for years. I'd given up hope......<br />
<br />
<br />
................and there she was.......

OH<br />
MY<br />
GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br />
<br />
Congrats!!!!!! I am so very happy for both of you. <br />
<br />
I wish you luck and love and happiness. Always.

Wellllllllllll Yeah!<br />
This rocks.....congrats! xxxxxx