I Want To...

I want to tell all of my closest friends and family all about me. show them all the sides of me they dont know exist. but I wont because I know they dont want to hear it. they just dont want to know.

what can I tell this group? nothing of interest. altho I do just need to tell someone this. Ive been eating less and less all week, without really trying. Just so I dont feel full. because I dont want to purge anymore. and I want to be thin. Im worried. Because Im starting to 'enjoy' the feeling of hunger again. Im not on a good path. But I dont know how to get on a healthier one, and im not sure if I want to. At least im not binge/purging. 2 days without! and almost a week with no scratching/cutting! woo! I hope it lasts.

pine90apple pine90apple
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 26, 2009

That didnt last.... Im worse than ever! Why is it whenever I think Im getting a little better I end up soooo much worse than I was? Ive barely had one meal today... and all I can think about is getting it out of me b4 its too damn late. Last night I spent over two hours purging! and then SH. Im a **** up!