Three Leaves-one Plant!

One day long ago as St.Patrick was explaining the Holy Trinity to the then pagan Irish they were questioning him.How could there three identities in one God.The Irish had a goddess similar to this but nothing like this.Then as St.Patrick preached he saw some shamrocks growing near by.Ireland is the olny place where trefoils or shamrocks grow naturally.He got an idea.Patrick help up the tree leaved plant.He explained the top leaf was the Father or God the first part of Him.He then explained the second leaf was The Son,Christ.He explained the third leaf was the Holy Spirit.But all were on one plant.Three leaves on one plant.Three separate parts of God in one God.The Irish people got this idea right away after seeing this plant.To this day we use the shamrock to celebrate St.Patrick's Day.It has also became a symbol of good luck.

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And as I,m sure you will know that Saint Patrick is the most famous Welshman in history,born and raised in the area of todays Neath.