At Uni

I was in a real sexy mood this morning. I *********** twice before i got out of bed lol. I only had two lectures this morning and was out to maybe have a little fun, but for reasons i wont go in to it didnt happen.
Here's what i'm wearing right now as we speak. I have no bra or panties on today. So im in a brown vest top, a short denim skirt, brown hold up stockings, my skirt barely covers the tops of my stockings lol, and my brown leather boots.
Been playing with my ***** and vibrator since i got home, suposed to be studying, but thats out the window now lol.
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

Oh baby, You driving me crazy. I'm stroking my **** so fast now.

just enjoy life my dear young lady!<br />
btw: the desc<x>ription of your clothing gave me an enjoyable feeling in my crotch ;-)