Woden's Day

Well, I kinda fell out of the habit of this when I was away in the States recently... but to celebrate the Norse God of war in the middle of the week I decided it was time to rekindle my interest.

It was quite a warm day in Manchester today so I wore bare legs all day... bare all the way; right to the top and back down again. I was in the office most of the day so I needed something really comfortable. i bought this amazing charcoal grey lambswool and kashmire fine-knit dress in Denver and it's gorgeous. I feel like a soft, cuddly bunny rabbit in it. I wear it without a bra but it's lose enough for my nipples not to show unless I want them to. Belted drop waist and a slip under it because it does give the game away a bit if I don't. I was wearing fire-engine red Docs with black ankle socks (yes, it does work) and my hair in bobbles. Lacosste watch (steel with green strap)

...but now in jeans and a polo shirt!
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4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

They say one picture worth a thousand words-I'm not sure about it anymore.
You're a great writer!!!

. . . Someone famous said 'radio is better than television because the pictures are better'.

He shold have bought a new tv...
Just kidding :)

Or better still, bought the book!

Ya know, you're very sophisticated. Simultaneously you're glib and funny. Rare qualities.

Sounds fab. Did you take pics? Xx

would like to see xx