Lovely, warm early autumn/late summer's day today. I dragged myself out of bed then trod in cat vomit as I put the kettle on for my morning coffee. Great start! So the top and bottom of it is that I showered right away, paying particular attention to my left toes, pulled on a denim skirt (stone-washed pale blue; on the knee; freyed around the hem); Red Sox skinny-rib T-shirt in red and white horizontal wave pattern; lose grey 'cardie' over the top so my nipples don't poke the eyes of passers-by; black 'Alice Band'; red and gray striped thigh-high socks; red 'Docs'.

Enjoyed the admiring glances!

claudianovotny claudianovotny
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8 Responses Sep 8, 2012

you should have left the cardy behind.. the 'pokie nipple' look is so cool.

You got me with the skinny-rib T-shirt. I'm a sucker for that look, especially with denim. May I safely assume the T-shirt was slightly cropped?

Actually, it was not cropped. That would be slutty, not sexy

Nothing like stepping in cat vomit to start the day right. Good recovery with the outfit you wore. Your pretty so you may have given a few guys a stiff neck from rubber necking so much.

Giggles shyly :-)

Blows you a kiss

wish you had left the cardigan at home...those nips need attention too you know!

As a passer-by I would have appreciate the 'poke' ! :-)

I love women in short denim skirts !!

Are you wearing panties today? If so what type?<br />
Please add me as a friend, so I can see more of you.