'life In Panties'

At the moment, all I'm wearing is a blue and grey polo shirt and a pair of over-the-knee black socks with red heels and toes. I just got in about half an hour ago after a day of meetings and then my nephew's school play, so now I'm slobbing it. Earlier I had on a grey pencil skirt, mid thigh length; a grey lambswool jumper with scoop neckline and cultured pearl trim on the shoulder; Sloggi knickers, also grey; black hold-up stockings; Ugg boots, grey; black linen jacket.

Yes, you read correctly... knickers - Sloggi knickers; invisible sense string, they call them. Ha, ha, ha! They were a present last Christmas from my oh-so-practical sis-in-law. The seats in the theatre at Jago's school are so steeply tiered that even I thought it sensible to be on the safe side this evening. But oh, how do you do it; you who wear knickers all the time. They're so... confining. And I hate how hot I feel 'down there' when I wear them. I was kind of proud of myself though - I lasted till I got into the carpark before slipping them off. The material is actually lovely and soft, and I stuffed them easily into the cup holder next to my seat; they will make a great cloth for wiping my sunglasses as I squint towards the morning sun.

So here I am at home and gloriously naked below the waist. I'm not a nudist but I really don't know how people can bear to go through life in panties. 'Life in Panties'... Didn't David Attenborough...? Tee hee;perhaps not.
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omg i cannot look at your pictures. I am at work and when I did something extremely humiliating happened to me

I will be thunderstruck when panties vanish from the face of the earth. Mt problem, yes it is.

Lol..you crack me up!! M

After reading this I have an impressive image of you. Classy, educated, smart, and a very good entrepreneur. Very happy to have met you on here. I also liked your story about "I love entrepreneurship". Interesting - knickers from a machine).

Maybe you should explore the world of social nudism. I would wager that you would enjoy the lifestyle!

Who needs them lol

Wow just WOW

I've also never understood those that wear panties under hose, why? My sister in law is one for that and I've told her on more than a few occasions that I never do it's why they call them pantyhose, the panty is knit right in, oh well but I agree I rarely wear panties.

I think we have a lot in common! ;-)

Nice read. I'm sure you looked great at work. Do you often wear stockings? I always enjoyed working in offices in London not knowing which women were wearing tights or stockings.... And, I of course love the fact that you prefer not to wear knickers...

In the winter I almost always wear stockings or thigh-high socks. occasionally I wear leggings

love to have you take your panties off for me

It's unusual for me to be wearing any to take off, actually

To me that is so hot. My wife hates wearing anything to bed and that is so hot. She wears panties during the day, which I like very much but at night totally nude.

Good for you, suffering for the sake of a School Play. I bet it felt wonderful to take them off.

It did, actually. I really don't know how people manage on a day to day basis

Who needs panties anyway...

i think you should gift me all your panties :D

You're wicked!

Sure I am ;)

I know what you mean, when you tell us the knickers make you hot down there, and its not an erotic hot either. I have been going nude at home all my life and putting on a layer of cloth over my skin turns up the heat instantly. It is so uncomfortable! Ugh, I hate when I must put something on for society's rules. Glad you got through it, and are now "Home Free!"

I prefer that women are naked from the waist down. Skirts, shorts, whatever... but no panties!

I think all women need to throw away all their bras and panties

After a day at the office, it was so nice to come home and ***** down to just my athletic watch. I understand the need to dress in a civil society, but once you get home, time to get primal.

love your writing, it gives such a wonderful insight into what you are thinking...so are you pantieless now?

thats the best example of a wipe for your glasses! and so your so right...underwear is no restrictive!

i quit wearing underwear 20 years ago,,they are a useless garment and uncomfortable,,go comando for 3 days and you will never go back to the restricted life style

nice story I wear panties 24/7 but I think that the naked under my skirt feel is sexy too. don't be afraid of someone seeing up your skirt is can be a turn on. and no one will tell on you.LOL

even in bed? Gosh, can't imagine that!

yes but sexy lacy ones. oh by the way could you friend my? I find your stories hot and would like to see more of what you look like.

Please quit wearing panties

Your car's cup holder would have blessed you, sniffing at the fresh, sweet, musky aroma of a woman's *****. Wish I was that cup holder.

Wow, very nice!

You're easy to please!

Lol! I'm a Scorpio!

Hmmmm... I am not wearing a thing! I enjoy being naked with folks who are dressed OR nude. Your story got me hard.

and Cludia, can i come to ur house now plssss....? would love to....

You are a flirt. Love it

I had to come back and read this again. Oh, if only I could paint what's in my mind's eye. Claudia, less really is more. This really is sizzling!


You ALWAYS make me tingle, Claudia.


Please add me

The fact that you're so aware of how panties feel on you (an off of you) is really quite intriguing. I think most of us go through the day not giving our underwear a second thought. It sounds like you may have some extra sensory 'wiring' going on down there that heightens your awareness. What about your breasts? WHen they are 'free' under a blouse or sweater, is there a constant connection between them and your ****/*****? Do tell I am quite interested............

I think it's just what you get used to, really. Most people feel acutely aware of their lac k of underwear the first time they try it but after a couple of days, they quickly forget about it and settle into a new norm.

I love the way you write. I quit reading a while back so I would have some things to read through all at once and I wondered what Claudia would be writing about. I visited today and got this little wonder. Only you can make a description of your clothing a mouth watering experience. As always, I am a dedicated fan!

I'm so plesed you enjoy my writing

I am a devoted fan. If only I were a sexy British lady. Oh well, I will just read you daily!

i love to be naked at home but most of the time i just have my diaper on

You're such a wonderful, literate, tease.

Sounds intersting! I bet you look very sexy all dolled up! Glad your safe at home, and comfy after a long day. I can feel for ya having lived in the mid atlantic southern and up north. Sorry traveled weat to southern cal in 2001 and never looked back. during these winter months I can still where shorts, t shirts and bike gear. Very nice story!

Love hearing about what you wear!!! Your descriptions are always great and so thorough. Love it!!! Psst... I believe a few of us have panty fetishes so be nice:)

how did you slip them off in the car park? Instead of using them to clean your glasses, I might have another use for them.

Poor old knicker-makers will soon be closing down despite Mary Portas re-launch! :-) lol

i agree sweetie

Kindred spirits!

yes indeed