I created this group for one reason only: to share everything I have written. I've wanted to do so for a long time but have just been unsure of everything. So, this is kind of my story - a year and a half in my life. A year and a half of things unsaid and unspoken. Wishes and dreams unfulfilled.

Why share them? I'm not sure. Maybe it'll be therapuetic. Maybe it won't. I suppose, part of what I share is so that I am not alone anymore in what happened. That, perhaps, by sharing, I'll find some sort of understanding. That, perhaps, people will finally understand what it is I saw, I felt, I experienced. No, not looking for sympathy, just understanding.

I know some of it is going to be painful. Ha. Understatment. I know some of it, I won't be proud of.

Part of me doesn't want to share but not because I'm ashamed of any of it but because what happened was between her and I. But, she gave up and is never coming back and I need this. I need to let this all out. My soul has been screaming for release for so long.

Here it is then, my journal, and the emails that were saved. This will take some time and I hope you will have patience with me and realize that sometimes, love really does make us crazy.
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It's now been more than a year since you wrote these words, I do hope it has been therapeutic for you. Love can sometimes be more pain than joy . I know speaking from experience.