I Want To Tell Your Fortune Again

Last September I tried an experiment  - does a fortune-telling gift work online? If you would like to see how it turned out, please read my story "I Want To Tell Your Fortune".  All in all, I thought it turned out rather well.

I would like to try this again.  In "real" life, I read the stones.  I have a collection of precious and semi-precious stones, which I ask people to cast, and then I read them.  I wondered if this would work on-line.  

As before, I will read the fortunes of the first five people who respond, and I will do this by Friday the 5th of March.  

Here is what I would ask you to do (same as in the first experiment):

1)  Think of yourself as the purest, clearest piece of rock crystal there ever was.

2) Think of your all-time favourite gemstone (not necessarily your birthstone).

3)  Think of your question.

4)  Think of the first five gemstones that come into your mind - favourites or not.

5)  Tell me 2) and 4) but not the question.


If your chosen stone comes in more than one colour ) like tourmaline, jade, topaz, etc.) tell me the colour.

Tell me if you would prefer my answer to be by private message instead of open comment.

Feedback to me is much appreciated.

61-65, F
6 Responses Mar 1, 2010

2) green jade 4) diamond, ruby, blue amethyst, saphire, garnet

thank you so much in advance, and what ever is easier for you

Hi Nanseltar, i might be a bit late (like a month late :S)... but I hope you can make me a reading :). <br />
<br />
2) clear quartz<br />
4) ruby, emerald, amethyst, agate, pink jade<br />
<br />
Thanks in advance (either way :))

Soranne:<br />
You are a bit of a dreamer, and at the same time you are amazingly strong and determined. <br />
Your question concerns one of your dreams. It will require a great deal of strength to bring your dream into reality, but you know what you want and see your way clearly towards achieving your goal.<br />
You will have to invest energy and perhaps also money, but it looks as though your investment of these things will ultimately be profitable to you. Use your creativity with confidence - don't hold back. People will help you along the way, especially friends and family. Communication is important here. Listen to what other people have to say, and express yourself openly and honestly. If people know you respect their opinions, they will be encouraged to be more open and honest with you.

Dancelaughlove: <br />
<br />
You are a spiritual person. Balance is all aspects of life is important to you. You know you have to be aware of all your senses to get a true and fair understanding of things - emotional, physical, spiritual, mental. <br />
Whatever your question is, balance, fairness and making the right choice are strong factors, and to preserve harmony and balance. You seem to be faced with a decision whether or not to "get involved". If you do get involved, it will require personal strength and courage. You have both these things in abundance - that's not what most concerns you. You want to be sure you know the whole story, and to make a well-informed, "right" choice. Sometimes the real courage is not to get involved, but to let things develop on their own. There is still something you don't know, and cannot know until your decision is actually made, so be careful. You must let your intuition guide you along with your reason and logic. <br />
Then speak your own truth with confidence. That will be more beneficial than anything else you could do.

2 Jade<br />
4 Jade, Diamond, Topaz, Peridot (amazing green), Sapphire.<br />
<br />
Hoping to hear from you...open or private, don't mind x x x

2) Amethyst.<br />
4) Garnet, Diamond, Tourmaline (blue), Jade (dark green), Turquoise.<br />