Whoever Needs To Really Hear It..



 whoever u are,wherever u are... u r important.. maybe u feel alone,maybe sad, maybe something bad happen,maybe maybe...i just want u to know u are important..maybe i dont know u but u are important.. when u feel hiding ur tears or feel crying in the rain.. maybe after an argument about something... u are loved.u are important..u mean a lot to someone..even to me that i dont know u..thats why i take the time to write this..for u..

if u feel noone understands u,that noone cares for u..thatsa mistake..i would tell u thousand times how important u are..

when u smile but feel inside crying.. i want u to know someone feels that,someone see insid ur heart.. u are important..

if u self harm..if u feel others ignoring u..if someone hurt u..i wish u didn feel sad but happy.. i send u all the hugs i can..all the love..

if u wish about death...i pray for u to find strength..and there are ppl who want to tell u all this because u are important..

u are important..

amysangels amysangels
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glad it made u smile..

big hug,sylph*

I needed to read this... Thank you, Amy... *faerie hugs you*...


*a thousand hugs!* you are important too =)

hugs to u*

this was so nice , and i know it has had to touch so many people. what a sweet thing to do. you are so very nice.

hm?didn understand..

cool...I don't think it's a reach in the writing, just in the mind trying to understand LOL, beautiful....:)


..thanks..hugs mom

hugs sm*


So beautifully spoken, amysangels... and so true also. Everybody's important and everybody needs someone who cares. Sometimes, people forget that.<br />
It is important that they are reminded when they feel alone and unloved. And it is important that you care. That I care. That everybody cares.<br />
Your story reminds us. That is a very positive and generous thing.<br />
I wish for your days to be filled with light.

hugs*i wish u feel better..

Tears fell down my cheeks. I can't hold these pain anymore. :(

hugs lena*

no need to thank*wish u a good day*

Thanks hun!


AWWWW. You just touched my heart! Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful thing at such a dark time when I needed to hear it. You are important too sweet and genuine, there needs to be more beautiful people like you in this world.

im glad u smiled.hugs*

Thank you so much!!! You’re so sweet & caring it made me smile (and that’s hard to do now days)...

u r to me n im sure u r to others too!hugs


thanku always for good words candy.love u*hugs

Dear Angel Amy..God sings a song in ur heart! And U put in words so we can hear! and when we read ur words sings comfort to our hearts~many,many hugs .. ur saying so *Beautiful as u are!Thank U for ur caring kindness,smiles are pure lov :O)rainbow of my lov sent endless :)<br />
<br />
u create *Paradise on this earth :)

i do?im glad u r my friend too eyeno*hugs

wow...im speechless..

I can become a stronger person through you thinking that I'm important Like a cowboy with his hair comb over his forehead while he's facing a bull for a fight there's no way to ignor the situation <br />
If it's where you really want to be there in your best pair of boots while sittin' on the wall like humpty dumpty Rush into a strong stance and stay alert your heart may become weak from what may lerk around the corner feeling small about who you are around people means that you are waiting to hear that something has felt bad but you can count on me to hold you up during these times don't worry about knowing me or not you know where you've met me and this is the only place we need to be until the next time we read from one another keep movin' strong towards the next story cause someone is waiting to tell you one

yes u are important,very..no need to thank..


i just say coz i know some ppl need this..i thank u for reading.hugs

many hugs*

Thank you so very much, i needed this.

Thank you so very much, i needed this.

hugs*<br />
<br />
im sure someone listens soulofmusic..i tried to answer ur pm but it sais about privacy settings and i cant reply coz of that..<br />
<br />
im glad u feel better mates.many hugs*

That's sweet. I'm estatic someone like you took the time to write that. No matter what I say, nobody listens. Maybe someone will listen to you.

Your words of comfort are filled with love for your fellow brothers and sisters. You share the words Jesus would want people to know. I'm sure he is hugging you.<br />
<br />
Love<br />

Awww amyMA--you are a sweet young lady---and so are you notg....hugs to both of you.

no i just know there are ppl who need this..

thanks for reading..i hope ppl who need this to read it..