To The Greatest Lady That Ever Graced Our Pages........akasue189

I think you will all agree to those who ever knew Sue, that she lit up the room when she entered.  She brought light into everyone's lives.  A special heart that cared for everyone no matter what your background.  She loved life and all of her friends.  She had a truly magical personality, a characteristic that cannot be taught. 
It was simply wonderful crossing paths with Sue and although I feel completely heartbroken I feel better for knowing her. 
If Sue touched your life in any way no matter how small I would ask you to tell me about it please. 
Let her live on in everything we do and may we all reach our dreams.
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Wow....this lady sounded amazing....I can only assume she passed away?! Sounds like she touched so many, I'm sure she's be thrilled with this post!!

Great comments from everyone. She was truly special, a wicked sense of humour and she will be sorely missed. Luv ya Sue.

she was an amazing lady and inspired me to be the best tgirl i could ever hope to be. because of her i am a better person. i've passed the anger stage in my mourning, and now i am just happy to know that she was my friend and i was hers as well. yes she was tough, but she was also very tender and loving and thats what i loved about her

I don't ever remember Sue being tough, I mean she only ever made me laugh because she was so sassy when she was like that, which never really helped my predicament really. I think Sue easily had the capacity to deal with me though. She loved it and so did I :)

Like the rest of you, I am heart broken at the loss of Sue. I had the honor and pleasure of knowing Sue for just about a year. Never once did she say or do anything negative...always upbeat, fun, witty and provacative. Sweet and understanding beyond expectation. Beautiful and sexy beyond belief.<br />
One in a Billion...with a B! I loved her dearly as I know everyone that knew her did.<br />
My heart goes out to everyone Sue's life touched...especially Sophie.<br />
Thanks for everything Sue...

i just wanted to add that i agree 1000% with everything that was said above.....there will never be another one like Sue....

No-one could ever fill those beautiful shoes.....

One point among many that stands out for me about Sue was the fact that she seemed so initially intimidating but was genuinely one of the sweetest, considerate people on EP. She was a ball of light and life. That girl LIVED.

Absolutely.....All part of her appeal

Thank you for writing your piece Bree.<br />
I've been searching EP for a group in which to write a tribute to her.<br />
She was a wonderful person and an inspiration to many.<br />
Hugs<br />

so sounds liek a wonderful lady. wish i could have known her.

She was truly amazing.