One Of The Lonely Days In My Life

I love to run. I love to ***** down to naked
As i love to feel the wind and warm rain on my face,running over my hot nipples, down between my legs down to the ground. The ground, that has been nourished by the slain mammoth. The Buffalo. The native America,the settlers and maybe me. There is no use for me anymore. I am no longer loved. I no longer love myself. I have no use. Why not go to the earth as I came? Naked and free
Written in one of the most lonely times in my life .
allwaysneed1 allwaysneed1
61-65, F
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I like your stories, however I am concerned that you say you are no longer loved and find no use any more. In one of your other stories you mention a husband, but now you write about a most lonely time in your life. That is sad. I do hope you find someone to care for. Carpe Diem!