A Sincere Thanks

I came here by fluke looking for answers to why I was feeling how I was. I found them.  I also found the gift of human kindness.  One which I had not experienced in such a long time.  There are certain members whom I can't thank enough that encouraged in my times of DARKNESS.  I have been given words of wisdom and company of those who can relate to my pain.  I am so very thankful for anyone's comments and advice.  With my tears that flowed out of me my pain I started to understand my pain.  I may not be through the full process but I can see a future now.  May not be all roses but I am still learning.  I am thankful for any lessons others stories have taught me.  I am sincerely for those who cared.  I want you to know you have made a difference.  I only hope to do the same for others.  A big warm hug for all of you.  I can't thank you enough.  

Your Friend Flo
flodials flodials
41-45, F
2 Responses Jan 18, 2013

I've had more attacks on here than I've had support. Your doing good, good for you

Hi Flo - I went to my computer and asked for a Tardive Dyskinesia Support group. I received so much more, I made EP Friends, no matter what their situation was. It was good to have a huge support base. Your Friend ~ Boshie