Yes Thank You

Thank you for being here, You bring sunshine in my life, You bring ocean of love to me. You are so lovable, so humble, You shower me with messages every day. I am attracted to you cause I love you too.
SunnyBelle SunnyBelle
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27 Responses Jul 17, 2010

Bonnie I discovered your site by accident but it is a breath of fresh air.<br />
Keep it up and lots of love<br />

I love it that you love us so much, please keep the love coming as we keep sending it back<br />
<br />
Sincerely, Country

Thankfully haters are few and far between on EP

This is a wonderful story-I also have met so many wonderful people on EP! I have found my EP friends to be warm and supportive and love you all! Hugs, Jennifer

Sounds like I better start reading your stories, may learn something interesting about men and your specific skeletons in the closet. You are so right we can't share what we share here with any of our real life friends and family. And human nature is to share as long as we feel safe and non-judgmental.

Completely understand and agree. I've got so many stories of my hidden side that I could never share with family or friends. EP is my outlet to share what's bursting to come out. It's especially a thrill when I get a story comment because I know others are listening to my secrets.

There really are A great group ppl here on EP that have started to become good friends.

Love your posts on subjects and experiences, also love your profile pic, very sexy look and is revealing while hiding, you pull it off great. Hope you check out my experiences and can add me as a friend if not thanks for reading this.

my god what a down to earth girl you are.....and so sweet...kevin

You will always have a friend in me! Thank you for being here for me, and being such a wonderful person!<br />
<br />
Love ya!

Bella, Thank you for being here for me when I need a hug and a shoulder to lay my head.

You write beautifully!

Awe, sunshine, was great to hear from you. Than YOUUUUU!!!

You have alway been so sweet and caring all the time I have known you hunni..You are so special to me baby doll! :)

You are most welcome, my dear friend, innocent no more.

dc, you are my very own. I enjoy all my EP friends.. I am proud too , to have you as my friend.

Bonnie...when you come into site I reach for my sunglasses...even when you are giving off just a soft're the brightest star. Thanks sharing your soulful and humorous insights as we enjoy the EP experience. I'm proud to say...Your friend,dc

Hi Samantha, you bet we will... Take care, dear.

Hi Bonnie I to am thankful that you are here. I really enjoyed our conversations last night.<br />
I hope we can have more in the future. TakeCare LOVE<br />
<br />

And I love you too.. Michelle, you too are special.. Trust me you bring sunshine on all of us.

You are such a very special, loving woman !! We love you too !!!

You are so kind, Rusty.. Thank you for writing a nice heart felt compliment.. I like you already.

Hi, Bonnie.<br />
I have a message from you "Hi" dated 31/7 at 105PM. Thank you, Bonnie, for your response. Your message makes sense to me. I totally agree with it. This is what is happening in real life. We should get to know each other before friendship is established. Cheers,

Thank you Roxanne, thank you diamondchic, you both are so dear to my heart. I mean it when I say I love my EP friends. You make my complicated life easier to live. Won't know what I would do without EP friends.

Thankyou Bonnie, the feeling is mutual.

You welcome. You are a friend.

And thank you for being on here and being part of my life......