I usually don't use names in my stories but I think Ben's story would be worth making an exception for. Ben was my friend during childhood. We went to the same church, lived in the same town, and for 2 or 3 years, we went to the same school. When asked Ben said, "I'm going to join the Army and the only reason I will ever leave this country is to kick some communist ***." After he graduated from high school, Ben did join the Army. He was killed in Afghanistan last year. I spent years not even thinking about him until I heard that he was dead.

Now I have to tell another story to set up a story about the last words Ben and I exchanged. When we were in 9th grade, Ben did little or no home- work and failed all of his classes. Circa March, his mother who was a teacher by trade herself, shipped Ben off to an uncle in Texas so, in the words of a friend's mother, "he'd have a prayer of passing 9th grade." According to this lady, Ben's grades went way the heck up. Circa October; About 3 weeks after I heard the news of Ben's attitude towards school changing, Ben was in town visiting. We ran into each other at Sunday school. I said, "Hey, Ben, I heard you became a nerd." Ben replied, "**** you. I did not."
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No, he didn't, did he?