Veteran's Day

Yesterday I recieved a letter from EP support, " Help us Remember Our Veterans and Heroes," as I'm sure many of you did.  I wrote back a letter that I want to share with eveyone.

darknight Nov 10, 2010 11:31 AM


I am a veteran, you knuckle-head!  Just joking.

However, as a veteran, I make it a point to think about how much some gave, daily, as well as how much everyone in uniform, be it the military or law enforcement, are willing to give everyday they go to work and do their job.

Have you ever given thought to just how much we owe to them?  The ability to log in here and post experiences, for one.  For EP to even exist is another.  Every where I look, from things I agree with to things I am against, they all came with a cost.

To those of you who paid that price, I salute you.  To those who are willing to pay that price, I applaud you.  It's not just those who served in war, those who died in service, it's everyone who puts on that uniform and is willing to pay when ever and wherever they are called upon.

You ask how I will honor those who fought.   The same way I will honor those who offer their service, who volunteer their time and are willing to give all for us to have this way of life.  Every member of our military is making a sacrifice to protect us from foreign enemies, every member of our law enforcement is making a sacrifice to protect us from domestic enemies.

There are those outside this country that desire to take what we have, to destroy our way of life.  But, are they any worse than the guy down the street who would abuse a harmless child, or steal an  elderly persons disability check.  How about the terrorist who would blow up a mall or shopping center, is he any different than the student who would kill his fellow classmates or the person who shoots the cashier in a robbery.

They all are enemies to freedom, they are all the same. Fortunately for us, everyday all over the country and all over the world, someone puts on a uniform and puts their life on the line to protect us and our way of life.  We owe them all.

How will I honor them? By being the best damn citizen and patriot I can, by supporting them without complaint, no matter what the cost, and, if the time should ever come when they fall, to be willing to pick up their weapon and our flag and give as much as they have...

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,
and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, indivisible,
with liberty and justice for all."

Happy Veterans Day America!

Yes, I left out, "Under God."  Why, well there are a few reasons, first, I do believe in separation of church and state.  Second, it was added in years later, and finally because the United States of American is a free nation where it's citizens can choose openly any religion and practice it, therefore we are not all under one god.  I am a Christian, if your wondering, and I do try to faithfully worship and follow His plan for my life.   This, however digresses from this post.

Today we honor our veterans, and to wrap up, I'm including something from the History Channel Club:

"Most people confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day, and some don't know the story behind why we commemorate our vets on Nov. 11. Then again, those people probably aren't tuned-in history buffs and readers of Living History like you.

The story goes like this: Veterans Day was originally set to honor the end of World War I (Nov. 11, 1918); legislation in 1938 created a legal U.S. holiday—known as Armistice Day—to honor WWI vets. Nearly 20 years later the 83rd U.S. Congress amended the Act of 1938 and replaced the word "Armistice" with "Veterans." From then on Veterans Day would honor American veterans of all wars. As for the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, Memorial Day honors service members who died in service for our country or as a result of injuries incurred during battle, while Veterans Day honors living and deceased vets who served in wartime or peacetime."

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This sight is run by Terrorist that want to kill Americans they hate veterans everything on this sight is fake so be careful, !

If this is true, and your a member, then you must also be fake and a terrorist, or at the least, a terrorist supporter. Me, I kind of see anti-Americanism and those who desire to kill what American is all around me. We don't need terrorists, the typical American citizen seems to be doing a pretty good job through our own political system.

Thank you, everyone. Your comments mean so much...

Thank-you,Dk for this awesome post. It brings to light the meaning of Veteran's day. I am proud of the men and women who have giving their all for the wonderful childhood that I had and the life that I have today. From my Grandfathers and those of their generation, my Father and his generation and to my wonderful husband and his generation, for the generation today,They just didn't serve, but gave up their all to give us what we have today. It is for all that I salute you not only today but every day.

Your welcome. Your comments and agreement mean a lot.

This is an AWESOME post, DK!! :) I give it two HIGH thumbs up, and agree totally with what you're saying here! Thank you for this wonderful piece!

Your welcome.

Thank you for your service. And thank for this post. I too thank all Veterans' for their service and their sacrifice.