Serving For Protection

Many people have not been in the military and can not understand why the service man or woman  is so dedicated to our Commander In Chief. When we first entered the military we took an oath to protect our Constitution and to obey all orders from our superiors.

We who go to war do so knowing we have taken an oath to defend and protect. We fight so others can stand with  protest sign, slam the president, slam how the government works and not be arrested for their spiteful speech.

I honor my brothers and sisters who have served in combat. I honor those who have served in this time of trouble. We all served for the same reason.

Each time I meet a fellow vet I tell them "Welcome Home" you see I am a Viet Nam veteran, I was in the jungle,the river and the cities being shot at, Being at risk from women and children who were taught to harm the US Soldier.

To the veterans who have served and are stilll alive from their war era (WWI, WWII, Korea, Nicaragua, Viet Nam, Desert shield, and Desert storm) I say thank you, Job well done. To our current vets in Iraq and AFghanistan I doff my hat to you, you have served hard, long and repeatedly I say thank you for you Dilligence,  your fidelity, and your honor to the country. 

Micayla Micayla
61-65, F
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This sight is run by Terrorist that want to kill Americans and they hate Veterans everything on this sight is fake be careful, !

I was too young to get into the service until Vietnam was winding down and joined my battalion just as they returned. One of the biggest factor's in my decision to join was how they treated the soldier's upon their return. They STILL held their head's up high in pride and I knew that I wanted to be a part of such GREAT people. I served with pride and to this day still get chill's when I see our flag flying high and will never forget my brother's and sister's that the ultimate price for the freedom's that most abuse today. Thank you for posting this you have honored those that stand tall and those we have lost. My Best.

I was there when they spit on us returning home from Nam. I was there when the deroggatory statements were made. One thing I know I id I stood my ground so freedom of speech would be free and people could say what they wanted and I'll still fight to the death to retain that freedom.

guess all i have to say is thank you that have made comments<br />
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but it would have been better said years go inplaces of calling me and others baby killers or any of the other names we were called to be told we could not have jobs as they were afraid of us and we might kill some one there, to have stuff spite at us or thrown at us just for doing what the goveremnt ask us to do<br />
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to be injuryed for life due to friendly fire <br />
<br />
but even with all the bs from the past the one person that has never followed up with any thing they say is the US GOVERMENT<br />
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Like others today...I want to THANK all Veterans, alive or dead, for making my land, the land of the free and the home of the brave!!<br />
<br />

Afreimann: Thank you, Although I am retired I'd serve again to let you be a free man for ever.

I am honored to share the nation with you. THANK YOU for your sacrifices. Know that your sacrifices have NOT been in vain.

Thank you for your service. I like and so agree with your story Micayla. Thank you.

Thank you and welcome home really do mean a lot to a soldier. Yiu can expand on the thank you and welcome home to let them know they are appreciated.

Well said!! This message bears repeating! All I would add is my deepest appreciation to you as well! <br />
<br />
I'm sorry, "thank you" seems so little when our service men and women do so much. It angers me when people don't even stop and take the time to realize our military-- past and present-- are THE reason, they enjoy the freedoms they have. (It's best I not mention my reaction when I hear someone degrade a soldier.)<br />
<br />
For what it's worth, you, as well as all veterans, do have my deepest gratitude and our troops will have my un-wavering support!