"thank You To All Who Served Before And All Who Are Serving Now"

My grandfather served in WW II, my dad in the Korean and my ex-husband in Desert Storm.

THANK YOU!!  To all that have served before and all that are serving now God Bless and you are my hero's. 

If it were not for all that put themselves on the line for the USA and their families many of us would not be

able to have the freedom we have to sit and type on our computers to make new friends in different places.

I have not talked to them about their experiences with being in a war.  My grandfather passed before I could

ask him about the war he was in and my dad and I don't talk because of many differences.  When I was married

to my ex he was in the Marine Corps and stationed at Camp Pendleton. We had only been married for about

2 years and he had to go to Kuwait.  Not knowing what was going on and not being able to talk with him was the

hardest part.  In that situation no news is good news.  Many holidays were missed and lonely.  I had no family

and mainly depended on co workers and friends to help get through the waiting and wondering if he was safe

and doing good.  Thank goodness he did come back safe, but to me he had changed from when he left our home.

I hope even though we are not together he has no lasting effects from the war.  GOD SPEED



AudreyBloo AudreyBloo
Mar 3, 2010