His Family Met Us Both

We left to fight together and came home from war together.

His family meet us both when the plane landed. He got off first with honors. I got off after him. I carried his personal belongings.

His family greeted us both as if we were the same person.

His mom kissed me. His father shook my hand. His wife cried in my arms.

It was the support of his family at home that made life bearable for him. Made him push harder. Made him go on. Made him inspire me.

His last words to me was about his mom. His last words before he pushed me out of harms way.

His last words...

God Bless The Home Folk. They mean the world to us.

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Thank you for reading.

Wow what a strong, poignant story. I was just a child back then, but I remember. I remember my neighbor's son who never came home. I remember the news. I remember the tears. I remember the fright. Thank you for serving......