Daddy - I Still Love You

When Andrew came home from the jungle, his face had been so badly burned in a helicopter crash that there were few recognizable features.

His wife and parents had braced themselves for his return. But his biggest fear was how his seven year old daughter would respond.

When she entered the hospital room, she stopped and just stared at what was her fathers face. The room was quiet.

Andrew said to her "Don't be afraid"

She said "Oh, Daddy I am not afraid. Remeber last Halloween when I was scared of your mask. You said it was just a mask an you were still my daddy underneath."

"Well your still my daddy underneath your face and I still love you!"

Thank God For The Home Folks Waiting For Our Return.

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I wish it was the only story.

YAY!!! YAY!! Thank everything that have an ear to this and more. Beautiful! Simply Beautiful! <br />
Hugs, LW