The Thankful Heart

I want to thank so many people on EP for all your good thoughts, blessings, prayers, and candles that were lit for Miss Giggles.  As each day passed, my heart literally swept through the day, finding in every hour that passed a new blessing.  Each time I logged on to EP so many had added their name to the care and concern that Giggles would pull through this ordeal and heal.  You all came together as a community and cared so much about one of your gave me a renewed sense of faith in the compassion of people.  In my job I tend to get a bit jaded and cynical.  I begin to wonder the age old question "Does anybody care anymore?"  The good men and women of EP have answered in a resounding "YES".   Giggles will thank you herself when she is strong enough to spend time on this site and visit with her friends, but I wanted to thank you from my heart. 

If I began to list names, I am sure I would leave someone important out and I don't want to do that.  Her family and friends mean the world to her.  So many she had never talked to were sending a gift or gesture, a scribble, a card or message and she was so pleased to see she has some "new friends" to get to know when she returns.  You have all touched our hearts with your kindness. 

When Giggles collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, I was beside myself not knowing what to do first.  As I calmed down I realized she needed her friends around her.  This may be strange for some of you, but Giggles feels as though she knows all of you.  There is a connection between her friends in "cyberland" and her heart and that connection kept her going, kept her fighting, pulled her through.  As she laid there so still and pale I held her hand and whispered each of your names to her and told her how much you cared and that you wanted her back.  I saw the pain drain from her face and a smile replace it and I knew I had not lost her.  I can never repay you for giving me back my Giggling Angel.

She is home now with what others call her "real life" family and soon she will be back with her family on EP.  For Giggles you ARE her real life family and she sends hugs and love and smiles to all of you.  Again, I am thankful for each and every one of you and all that you have done for us.  She is the love of my life and you helped to bring her home to me.

Your friend, Nick

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Hmm..I guess I did lol. I need to practice keeping my mouth shut! Ok, I can take it ;) <br />
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BC - You and Belle are such wonderful sisters to J. Thank you for coming to stay with her, we all love you two very much. (especially my partner....hehe)

ahh HAAA thats RIGHT Trooper YOU opened up that can O worms. !!!!!!!

Oh CheekyGeek, I have a picture of him when they were in S.W.A.T. gear helping the feds and HOT DAMN those guys were makin me drool! Poor trooper, we will make him turn all red again! haha<br />
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Trpr, you are an amazing man and you have taken such good care of our Giggles. Thank YOU from all of us! Love, G (and you started it mentioning uniforms! so you can't say anything lol)

YIPPIE!!!!!! Uniform.... *does the Uniform dance* <br />
YOu better or you'll need to call your S.W.A.T. buddies with Full Riot Gear :P

I agree Miss Cheeky, it was a miracle that Giggles came into my life and I was saved from being alone and mighty lonely. She has put a smile on my face as she dances through life on that "moonbeam" of hers :) I'm not exactly a social guy, as you can see by the few friends on my profile, but J has the most caring wonderful friends and it has brought me out of my shell a bit. Writing my thanks was the least I could do. You were all there for me when I was beside myself worried and I only wish we all lived closer so I could give You, Miss AE, Miss Fungirl and all her friends a hug and my thanks in person. (I would promise to wear my uniform LOL!)

AWW Mr. Nick. That was so Sweet . MY heart is lightened Knowing Miss Giggles is Home and doing better. As most people Know I am.... Antisocial, but some people Just stand out. Their light and loving nature just meets you and welcomes you. Miss Giggles is one of those beautiful Souls. <br />
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You as well, Mr Nick, You love, concern and caring for Miss Giggles, To be so much under stress and still take the time to let us all know, and to write this story now. You too are one of those good Souls. <br />
<br />
I can not express in words how miraculous it is that you two found each other, and it Toches my soul to see such a couple. <br />
<br />
HUGGS to both of you.

Hugs and kisses back to you fungirl. You have been a good friend and a wonderful help to Giggles and me. I'm glad she has such good friends on EP and that she talked me into joining your family.<br />
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Belle we love you too. You're a good sis and Giggles is happy you came to see her.

This is what EP is best known for and I am so happy that Miss G is doing better Nick. ((XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX to both of you))

We love you two and are so thankful everything turned out alright and Giggles is home. Btw, love your new avatar! ((hugs)) for my second favorite lawman :)

Aaw, honey, this is beautiful! And thank you dear trooper, you stayed by my side and helped me hang on, I love you too. EPland is pretty special, isn't it!<br />
Alteredego, you are the best!! And you give Trooper R a hug for me. My friends are, indeed, precious to me :)

Yes, ma'am, it is and people like you make EP a good place to be. Hugs to you and your family, and give Trooper R a salute from me ;') Thank you so much!