That stupid ******* ***** of a witch sister-in-law is about to push my last button! Who the **** does she think she is putting a hand on MY child?!?


Okay the idiot X had to work today but his parents are out of the country. See he pulled my little ones out of daycare because he'd rather sit on his royal, non existent *** and watch TV all day so when he does work, which is about one day every other week, his mother has to watch the baby. Well today there was no one so he pulled my teen out of school and had her do it. She watched the little one, took my son to school and picked him up and took him to class.

Well she screwed up and I admit that. Apparently he told her to take my son to class and leave him there, something I prefer not to do with a four year old but the owners are police and I know he's safe. Then she was to go back to the house and watch her sister and two cousins. Apparently the father of one of the girls was there so she thought it was okay to not return and stay with my son. This didn't go over well as the adult in the house wanted to sleep so the three girls were unattended. My issue is I told her to keep MY child with her... the other two were his responsibility, or so I thought.

Two of the witches came home (mothers of the daughters) and threw a fit! When my oldest went back to pick up the baby the one sister tore her a new *** and went way over the top. Then she literally put her hands on my daughter and shoved her out the front door slamming it on her and locking my baby inside. She refused to open it and give her the baby and cussed her out beyond. I guess her idiot bf, the one who started this whole game, finally opened the door long enough for the baby to run out and my daughter showed up at my job shaking and in tears.

Here's where I did the smart thing. I DID NOT GO OVER THERE IN THE STATE THAT I WAS IN! See, I do think sometimes and I know that had I gone there and her mouth had opened again I would have permanently closed it for her. My best friend says to press charges and I'm still at the point that I can't even talk about it with the X who, BTW, doesn't see why it's such a big deal to me. I want her to pay! I want her to finally have someone stand up to that ***** and not ***** foot around her stupid, non-educated neanderthal self! I refuse to go to jail for her though and know that my friend karma will handle the situation. My only goal right now is to avoid that house!!

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have you talked to the cops's not even close to being over but i'm trying to keep that distance

well file a police report so your side of the story is on record and i mean tomorrow before they do

Even worse is my daughter had her two best friends waiting in my car and they witnessed the entire thing. She was mortified! Stupid ******* *****!! OH YEAH, forgot to mention, she's claiming to be prego too... Satan's spawn

you need to press charges or file a police report lke tomorrow so that there is a record and the neanerthal cannot make up a story to accuse your daughter of something or accuse you of child abandonment