Too Many Things Wind Me Up... :/

1. My hamster when I'm trying to sleep at night. 
2. Our  ridiculously loud washing machine when I'm trying to watch a movie or TV. ;(
3. My mother a lot. 
4. When I have no room to store things/clutter.
5. When I'm having a blast outdoors in the woods or exploring and the sun is going down so quickly that I can't investigate any further.
6. When the power goes out when I'm doing a project or something with electronics. (When the power goes out unexpectedly like when I'm in the shower.) ;0
7. When I'm using a pencil and the lead keeps breaking. 
8. When I run out of thumbtacks. 
9. The winter. 
10. Cold uncomfortable weather.
11. When you can't replace certain VHS movies onto DVD because there so hard to find. 
12. When I run out of money to buy books.
13. When I have to clean out the hamsters cage.
14. When people accuse me of something I didn't do and I get in trouble/hell for it. 
15. How my body is so blemished.
16. When I'm struggling to finish a puzzle. 
17. When I have to go to physics class. 
18. Getting up early in the morning. 
19. Not being able to sleep in in the morning when I get the chance. 
20. Being away from my father and brother a lot. 
21. Not getting any time to spend time with the people I love. 
22. When I get a headache. 
23. When remotes don't work.
24. When my cellphone dies when I need to use it.
25. When I'm running out of time/time going so fast.
26. When I fail a assignment. 
27. When I can't find something dear to me.
28. When I drink to much water at outdoor outings and then I'm waterlogged so I can't enjoy myself. 
29. When I'm really hungry and I have to wait.
30. When the vacuum doesn't work right.
31. Being witnessed to heated arguments. 
32. Excessively whinny little kids. 
33. A constantly crying baby.
34. When people call me names that I'm not or when people make assumptions when they don't even know the whole story.
35. When people talk in the audience of movie theaters or at plays.
36. People who purposely try to pick fights or deliberately **** people off and then complain about how that person is acting.
37. When I'm in a rush and people are dragging there feet.
38. When people are deliberately late when I need to be somewhere or want to be somewhere.
39. When I'm excluded from exciting trips because there is either not enough room in the vehicle or I'm just forgotten about. 
40. When people loose there temper with me when I was just asking a question or pointing something out to warn them.
41. When I get physically hurt in situations and it ruins the rest of my fun/day.
42. When clothes I like are too big for me. 
43. Dresses that are so expensive. 
44. When April vacation doesn't come fast enough.
45. That time of the month.
46. Hardly being strong enough to lift things I want to move around. (I like rearranging my room around.)
47. When people are being really loud/obnoxious, inconsiderate of others when there on the phone. Then everyone wonders why whenever I call someone or they call me I'm like "Sorry. I can't hearrrrr youuuu."
48. When people make fun of me for being a neat freak.
49. The fact that I'm so young and I'm on 3 technically 4 medications. 
50. When openly gay teenagers are criticized and hated. 
51. Waiting months for movies to finally come out on DVD.
52. My bony butt. LOL.
53. Two words-Jersey.Shore. 
54. When I miss episodes of "The Big Bang Theory." :D (I'm a new BIG fan.) :P
55. When I get a bad reputation because people over think me. 
56. When I'm in a room with a flickering light. I don't know why it's so irritating to me but it just is. 
57. When doors won't shut. (I'm a person who has ALWAYS needed to have doors COMPLETELY shut before I go to bed. And my grandparents home is really old so the house settling has messed up the level of the floor. There's two doors in the room I sleep in while I'm there and one shut's fine but the other doesnt' shut all the way. There's about maybe a half foot of space open, lol.)
58. My own generation- lol yup I do admit it because a lot of times I'm ashamed to be in this generation.
59. Being so emotional and sensitive. 
60. Overcast days.
61. Abusive people who abuse there wife/husband or kids and people who abuse animals. 
62. That I'm still not old enough to buy R rated movies. (Don't think of that in a dirty way, lol.) 
63. Waiting during deer hunts. It takes A LOT of patience. Believe me, like legit I have sat during close to a dozen of them in my 17 years I've been alive, lol.
64. When I force myself to be... not know, buddy-buddy friendly but corgel around someone I dislike. 
65. When I can't watch movies I'm dying to see that are online.
66. Dry skin.
67. Folding laundry.
68. School
69. My guilty conscience. 
70. That I can't get over my nail biting habit. 
71. When I can't find my house key. 
72. When people throw things and break things when there angry. Ok, there is really no need of that. If you wanna go take your anger out on something, buy a punching bag or go somewhere outside and have your hissy fit in the woods. Even though I have a nasty temper, I NEVER break stuff or throw things at people.
73. When I see immature people playing with fire.
74. Being locked out of my own home.
75. Being sick.
76. Running out of tolite/tissue paper. 
77. When people are talking on their cell phone and holding up the line in a store. 
78. The damn Tellytubbie's show. 
79. Being up all night when I have school the next morning. 
80. When historical buildings are destroyed.
81. When guys leave the toliet seat up.
82. When car alarms go off and they just keep going on and on and on. 
83. When I can't find someone in a store. 
84. When we run out of milk. 
85. People who bad mouth the teacher for just doing there job. Hey, they don't usually make the rules, they just reenforce them. 
86. How every day is a bad hair day for me. 
87. When it rains at birthday parties or cook outs. 
88. Jehovas Witnesses. I know that was harsh, but seriously? You don't have to preach your religion by door. 
89. PeOpLe WhO TyPe LyKe DiS.
90. People who wear to much colgnue or perfume. 
91. Mayonnaise. That ****'s nasty. I love miracle whip!
92. All the door latches are at the same height as the corners of anything I wear that can get caught .
93. Knots I can't untie.
94. Cheap, plastic flipflops.
95. Stand in the middle of a hallway with your friends talking.
96. Girls who say the word 'like' way to much.
97. Loud Music In Restaurants.
98. Crowd Pushiness.
99. Men that let woman tell them what to do and where, and they listen to it. Get some balls.
100. People who think the rules don’t apply to them.

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2 Responses May 13, 2012

Ok... now the things that really rock your world...

Hamsters are annoying at night :)<br />
Glad to see body blemishes only made no. 15 !