Things I Can't Stand

1) chewing with your mouth open
2) talking with food in your mouth
3) when guys don't hold a door open for a woman
4) when women don't say thank you to #3
5) screaming/yelling
6) people who talk during movies
7) the stupid woman that always parks her van so that it
blocks the driveway to my kids school pick-up area.
8) when I'm in a hurry and every light I come to turns red.
9) when I need just a second to grab something I dropped,
NOPE! Every light is green!
10) when you turn the car on and your favorite song is just
11) when you have butterfingers
12) when you drive all the way to the Drs office, clear
across town, and your apt. is not today but tomorrow!!
13) when you go to the grocery store, load your cart with
groceries, scan all your stuff and realize you don't have your
debit card!
14) people who aren't kind to the elderly
15) people who are rude to handicap persons
16) people who are mean to animals
17) bullies
18) kids who ask why incessantly
19) know it alls
20) celebrity worship
21) greed
22) politics
23) family members
24) when parents smoke around their kids
25) when people drive slow in the left lane
26) when I put clothes in the dryer but I forget to start it
27) when I tell myself a hundred times I won't do
something, but then I do it anyway
28) when I remind myself a hundred times to do something
I need to do, but then I just don't do it
29) men who think they are gods gift to women
30) nasty women
31) people who call at obscene hours of the night
32) people who give advice when it's not asked for
33) when men/boys pee ON the toilet rather than in the
toilet. >:(
34) selfishness
35) when the last person in the bathroom doesn't replace
the empty toilet paper with a new roll
36) loud snoring dogs! ;)
37) knowing I have to wait... *Sigh*
38) when my kids argue about stupid crap
39) wanting so bad to talk to someone but not knowing
what to say
40) people who refuse to admit guilt
41) people who refuse to apologize
42) people who blame others for their own problems
43) rude customer service
44) people who don't look at me when I am talking to them
45) being ignored
46) when people say yeah or uh huh
47) mumbling
48) nose picking
49) when someone makes plans for you
50) having to go start my car just so it can warm up before
I can drive it. :P

Okay, this is taking awhile! I'll post the other half when I finish it!
Rapture82 Rapture82
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2 Responses Dec 16, 2012

I can relate to the forgetting thins. Also losing my dog's leash all the time and my keys, wallet.

This is great! I especially like #33! I'm thinking over here, "Wow, how did I not think of some of these?" :D

Thanks! That was my personal favorite. ;)

Still laughing over here!