Not As Hard As I Thought It Would Be

1. People that seem like they’re ONLY happy
2. Stepping on a lego
3. Repeatedly forgetting something
4. Not being able to be with the love of my life (he's in California, I'm by the Great Lakes)
5. Not having someone I can talk to about anything where I am
6. OCD
7. Synesthesia (occasionally)
8. Brats
9. Overly affectionate people
10. Being too hot
11. Not being able to swear
12. Being managed
13. Not being able to understand what my cat wants
14. People that just won’t understand what I’m talking about
15. Stupid people
16. People who never let anything go
17. Slow people (mentally and physically)
18. Driving with people who insist on driving on the edge of the road
19. Dermatographia
20. Allergies
21. Latex allergy
22. Freckles
23. Knots in my hair
24. When my wet hair sits on my back for too long and soaks my shirt
25. Skirts
26. Not being able to balance well
27. People who talk to their pets like ooo who’za wittle baby U ARE! U ARE! Goochie woogly boobie doo!!
28. Babies that spit up or drool everywhere
29. Stubbing my toe
30. Biting my tongue
31. When my teeth scrape against each other uncomfortably
32. People that chew with their mouth open
33. Noisy chewers
34. Messy eaters
35. People who don’t clean their tongue of food before talking
36. People who don’t understand how disgusting their habits are
37. People who like to embarrass you
38. Non-sexual sadists
39. ******* and jerks and assorted people
40. When my cat bites me without warning
41. When my hands are cold and look like there’s no blood flow
42. When my skin is freezing and something cuts it
43. How distorted the water temperature gets when you get out of a hot tub and into a pool
44. Bikinis
45. People that walk around in bras
46. People that don’t get my jokes
47. People who think I’m stupid just because I arrived at the solution faster
48. Hearing problems
49. Scoliosis
50. Slow drivers
51. Tailgaters
52. Road-rage people
53. People that hate Ellen DeGeneres
54. Men who think they’re God’s gift to Earth just because they’re men
55. Men who treat women like servants
56. Men who order women to make him a sandwich because he’s a man and she’s not
57. Child-abusers
58. Rapists
59. Psychologists who don’t know when to cut the therapy act
60. The feeling you get when your limb falls asleep and it’s waking up
61. Not being able to get to sleep for a few hours
62. Bad dreams
63. Not being able to figure out how to unsend an email
64. Sending an email before you think it all through
65. Putting my phone in my back pocket then putting on my robe, then having to take it off just to get my stupid phone back out
66. How much people love the iPhone—it’s JUST A PHONE and it’s not that great
67. When phone marketers assume everyone likes smart phones and make the non-smart phones ******
68. When my phone shape isn’t ideal for those kiosks that have all those cool phone cases
69. Not being able to go blonde in an easy way
70. People who never stop bugging you about your appearance
71. People who think if I don’t wax my eyebrows, I’ll end up homeless or something.
72. People who think appearance is literally everything
73. Dropping my phone and worrying that I’ve killed it
74. Having to make my bed everyday
75. How greasy my hair gets after only ONE DAY without washing it
76. People who whine about everything
77. Tween girls
78. Teen girls who are the stereotypical popular teenage girl
79. People who think they’re the best thing on Earth and treat everyone else like crap
80. Bullies
81. People who mock health or psychological issues
82. People who think anybody with a mental disorder should be locked up
83. People who believe their life is perfect an untouched by health issues
84. People who don’t accept others’ sexuality
85. People who don’t understand that sometimes, people’s opinions will be different from yours and that it’s OKAY
86. People who shove their religion down your throat
87. Overly sensitive people
88. When a person gets to a point in their depression that it’s incredibly frustrating to you that they just won’t believe that their self-esteem is NOT TRUE
89. Not being able to help someone you care about in the way that you’d prefer to help them
90. Having to deal with “womanly issues”
91. People who don’t cover their cough or sneeze
92. People who abuse you then get horribly offended when you point it out and insist they treated you perfectly
93. People who won’t tell you why they’re mad and expect you to know why
94. People who say “don’t get me any gifts” and get pissed at you when you obey that order
95. People who refuse to tell them what they’d like for a gift when they’re nearly impossible to buy for already, and they just expect you’re some kind of clairvoyant and know what they want
96. People who believe since you’re smart, you can’t have any problems, or vice versa
97. People who say that you’re making up all your problems or they’re not important
98. People who ignore your feelings
99. People who believe stereotypes a little TOO much
100. When technology won’t work right
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Jan 13, 2013