1. My little girl

2. Neve Campbell

3. video blogging

4. life

5. happiness

6. writing

7. my lap top

8. music

9. movies

10. E.P.

11. school.

12. riding on the bus.

13. being me
14. commenting

to be continued

15. reading

16. doing homework

17. watching a funny movie

18. Neve's movies

19. walking outside

20. working out.

21. food

22. tea

23. coke

24. reading out loud

25. clean house

26. clean the motel rooms

27. make up a story in my head

28. shopping

29. cooking

30. doing luandry

31. gestures

32. gifts

33. give cards

34. chatting

35. stalking( friendly)

36. smiling

37. joining group on E.P.

38. doing quizzes on blog things

39. watching television

40.  telling jokes.

41. make other people laugh

42.  commenting on friends stories

43. going to see a movie in the theater(It's a quite awhile since I see a movie in the theater)

44.  window shopping

I can come up with 44 things that make me happy.
mother1983 mother1983 26-30, F 10 Responses Mar 2, 2011

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that's right mewold.

This is great. It is the simple things that make life worth living.

You are right.

great list :-) I think video blogging should move up :-)

Destry: Of course she is.

Ms.Iza: I can't drive yet but it cheaper to ride the bus than having a car.

thanks mewold.

You are off to a great start.

I know. I will write more.

That is only twenty

Thanks DNewGuy

Very good affirmations.