In No Particular Order... 1-20

1. Dogs, my dogs, other people's dogs, seeing other people who love their dogs.

2. Any and all other animals. Life amazes me.

3. Being able to look at pure, untarnished nature. Like, a field as far as the eye can see, with no fences or litter or houses. A rare sight nowadays.

4. That feeling you get just before you fall asleep, like a really long, deep sigh.

5. Food. Cheese, peanut butter, crusty bread, peppers, Quorn sausages.

6. Dreaming, remembering dreams, only remembering parts of dreams and inventing the rest, hearing other people's dreams, invading other people's dreams.

7. Getting letters, emails, phone calls, texts. Even if they're something really short. The unexpected kind is the best.

8. Sitting on the window ledge during a storm - just watching.

9. Reading - having that insight into someone else's mind and yet, making it your own.

10. Watching the following TV shows: Scrubs, Friends, Family Guy, QI, Viva la Bam, Jackass, You've Been framed, The Simple Life, Have I Got News For You, The War At Home, Never Mind The Buzzc ocks, Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, The Simpson's, Futurama, Reaper.

11. Finishing things - I love the sense of accomplishment.

12. Just bursting into song, or laughter or just screaming. A random adrenaline rush.

13. Buying things, little trinket boxes, cosy covers, cushions, jewelry, ornaments, clothes, DVDs, CDs, pictures.

14. Taking pictures, capturing a moment, an emotion - a part of your life.

15. A touch/kiss/sentence that makes your heart stop.

16. Hiding away, whether physically or mentally. Having your own space is essential.

17. Smells- peaches, my mum's perfume, talcy baby smell, rain.

18. Snuggling under covers when you're tired/cold/drunk/stoned.

19. Thinking about the future, getting my own house, the decor, having kids, their names and looks my future husband.

20. Painting pictures - bringing a little bit of your imagination into this physical world.



Will add more later (:




SaharaOdeil SaharaOdeil
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 5, 2008

You have a great list. I agree with you.