Things That Bring Me Joy

With all the negativity around at times, this is a Great idea. So, I think I'm going to add a few every morning for a while, because I think thinking of some things that I make me happy each day is a wonderful way to start my day. Thanks for introducing me to this group Sierra.
These are not in any particular order, because it's difficult to decide which of these make me the happiest:

1. Recently I have been doing some activities with my nephew. We have been putting photo albums of his mother together, we planted a yellow rose and iris garden for her (those were her favorite flowers), and making a memory box (he puts things in here to help him remember the people he loves and loves him). These bonding moments between him and I make me feel happy inside. Seeing him smile and all proud wanting to show his mother’s pictures off to everyone, smiling and saying, "Isn't she pretty." and the excitement as he sees each new flower blooms makes me happy and warm inside, because I know healing is happening within him.

2. Seeing my children's accomplishments. It makes me happy seeing them happy and feeling good about themselves.

3. Watching my oldest daughter glow when she talks about the children that she works with.

4. Seeing my 14 year old son proud with his accomplishments in school. He has learning disabilities, so it takes him a while to get things sometimes, but when he does, because of the effort he has to take to get there, he's truly proud of himself.

5. listening to my children play and sing music. Besides working with special needs children, my oldest daughter's second love is her guitars. My youngest daughter plays the piano and when she is happy she sings out of tune around the house.

6. Watching my children develop into their own unique identity. I love it that they are all completly different. I have the punk rock tomboy, computer geek who could care less about style, pretty in pink kind of girl, and now I have a little one that wants to be a cowboy/Nija. Seeing them proud of who they are and developing into that person is wonderful.

7. When my children hug me and say, "I love you, Mom."

8. Seeing people in love hold hands, especially the older ones. It's beautiful and I love the look in their eyes when they look at each other.

9. Seeing a woman breastfeeding. It's beautiful and I can't help but smile in awe.

10. When my husband looks at me with love or lust in his eyes. He and I met when I was 16, but things have been rocky. We have been divorced, remarried, separated, and obviously had our share of hard times. So, the fact that through all of this, we ended up back together as a happy couple and he can still look at me this way makes me feel happy and good inside.

11. When my children laugh until tears are rolling down their eyes. Recently my older daughter and I took a cpr class together. When it came to the infant cpr, my dolls face was loose. So, when I tapped its back, its face flew forward and hit the back of the head of the person in front of me. My daughter laughed so hard that she couldn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes. Despite my embarrassment, I'm glad the babies face was loose, because my daughter is beautiful when she laughs like that.

12. I love to play out side in the dirt. I love the way the dirt feels between my fingers and toes when I'm working in my garden. Watering the plants is a blast, because we make it fun. Sometimes, the kids and I spray each other with the hose and by the time we are done, we are all muddy and wet.

13. I love to take nude nature walks at night. I haven't had a chance to do this in a while, but I do miss it.

14. Painting brings me joy. I'm a messy painter. So, I have a tendency to get paint all over me and my clothing. A lot of times, I paint in the nude. I love the way the paints feel on my skin. I use my fingers a lot when I paint, because I love the way it feels on my hands. I also, have a tendency of wiping my hands off on my skin and clothing, so you can imagine I get pretty messy.

15. I love to watch children in imaginative play. It's so fun to watch their creativity.

16. Seeing new romance blossom. Recently a couple here on EP, got married. I'm not saying who, because when and if they become active on EP again, they are the ones that should announce that. Well, knowing both of their stories, I am overcome with joy that they found each other. I loved watching their little flirts on EP and I am so so so happy that they found each other.
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2 Responses Mar 15, 2012

Aww thanks affinity!! I can only be as chipper as the buddies I talk to tho!! :D When folks are nice its easy to be positive!! :) It does make for a wayy happier life when we take the time to see whats good in our worlds!!

Aww this is a BEAUTIFUL list and TOTALLY made me happy to read it!! The world needs to be reminded sometimes that AWESOME things are all around ALL of us most of the time...We just have to LOOK at it and see it instead of focusing energy on all that's wrong!! YOU do a ROCKIN job with doing just that!!