Only 100?

1. Bunny Fu’s reaction to dandylion leaves
2. My friends daft Q’s and A’s on EP
3. Forget Me Not’s
4. Winning at Wembley
5. Sleepy children
6. Gurgling babies
7. Spinning and falling over while attempting kicks in karate
8. Going downhill fast on a bike, whoosh, and then maybe through a ford. That’s good
9. Warm days and cold cider
10. Finding unexpected chocolate / biscuits
11. When you receive small acts of kindness
12. The wilds, especially Scotland
13. Gossip. Oh yes it does!
14. Knowing that people like me
15. The house looking tidy
16. Yorkshire puddings
17. All tools, eg computers, cars, working
18. The Gnome Sanctuary, Devon
19. Snowball fights!
20. Barcelona
21. The Snickleways Inn, York
22. Fossil hunting
23. Building damns across streams on the beach
24. Hot fish and chips in a cold sea side town
25. Exploring old buildings to find sculptures or paintings of mythical creatures
26. My children growing up to be so lovely
27. Camping by lakes on the mountainside
28. Hot bubbly baths
29. Receiving a happy text
30. Woods, and old, old trees
31. Being brave
32. London 2012 Olympic games
33. Giving a kick arse speech
34. Trying new things and not being rubbish!
35. Kayaking on the sea in Menorca
36. Tapas
37. My bed
38. Autumn leaves
39. When people say thank you
40. Trolls, I think they get a bad rep.
41. Massages
42. Feeling valued
43. Having a cool dream where I can fly!
44. Singing, singing, singing
45. Zumba & body combat
46. Disco dancing in a bad way at parties
47. Pub lunches
48. Kebabs
49. Fluffy dressing gowns
50. Making love
51. Make up
52. Ice cream
53. Watching / helping things grow
54. Ferrets and all fuzzy wuzzy creatures
55. Small well packed suitcases
56. Reading fantasy books
57. Going to sleep in the arms of the man I love
58. Waking up and he’s still there!
59. Eggs
60. Giving birth (obviously the last bit)
61. Being alive
62. Having friends, who are caring and interesting and truly love me
63. Cunningly looking like I’m really intelligent, even though I’m not!
64. Winning at badminton / table tennis / cards…. But I also laugh if I lose
65. Imps (see especially the Lincoln one)
66. Naughty boys, with twinkles in their eyes
67. Having the time for a good old natter about back in the day
68. When people like what I’ve written… here or the real world…
69. That I said everything I needed too, and I told you how much you meant to me while I had the chance
70. Weddings…. sniff
71. Christmas trees and assorted decorations
72. Mulled wine and chestnut stuffing
73. Picking up very small shells
74. Walking up large hills and looking at the views
75. Pulling something off despite the odds stacked against me
76. Other garden gnomes
77. The right music for my mood
78. Good films / tv programmes
79. When the people around me are happy
80. When I’ve got the rubbish stuff done, so I can laze about
81. Children saying daft things
82. When he calls me his silly girl
83. Taking walking boots off
84. Day dreaming about you
85. Cooking a meal that EVERYBODY likes
86. Throwing a party
87. Looking round a bay at night and seeing the lights twinkling
88. Routemaster buses (the big red ones, open at the back)
89. When someone calls me ‘pet’ or ‘love’ or ‘baby’ or ‘honey’
90. When people trust me
91. Hitting punch bags really hard
92. Making love ALL DAY
93. Fresh bread and butter
94. Getting wet in the rain then having a nice hot shower
95. Having my hair played with
96. A roaring fire
97. Laughter
98. Being safe
99. Metropolitan line rolling stock (old or new)
100. And of course…. Being made of stone and spending the day fishing….
sventhemightygnome sventhemightygnome
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

You've been a busy gnome.

keeps me out of trouble

50, 92, 96.....

oh silly! You are indeed bad. Have you done a hundred things that make you happy cos that could be most amusing!

I'm trying to be more reserved in my contributions. I've been a bit verbose lately and I've been flooding my circle with noise on their homepages. I shall do a 100 list... but perhaps not until Friday.