Easy Peasy!

I am starting this list at 8:03 pm, 6/11/12   I genuinely don't think this will take long, so let's see....

1. My husband
2. My daughter
3. My dog
4. My other pets
5. Getting into bed at night, especially on clean sheets
6. Pizza
7. Singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch
8. When my husband randomly smacks my a$$
9. Ice cold beer
10. Catching a perfect wave on my boogie board
11.  When the leaves change colors in the fall
12.  Hummingbirds
13.  My daughter getting into bed with me to read
14.  My book club
15.  The look on a child's face when they finally 'get it.'
16.  When a stranger holds the door open for me
17.  Commercials that make me cry (pathetic, I know...)
18.  Les Miz
19.  Singing with my daughter
20.  A walk on the beach
21.  A canoe ride when the lake is like glass
22.  Finding money in my pocket
23.  Fireworks
24.  My husband making dinner
25.  Unexpected sexting from my husband
26.  Snow Days
27.  Dancing
28.  Thanksgiving with my family
29.  Making soup from scratch
30.  Turtle ice cream
31.  Rollerblading
32.  Belly laughing with my daughter
33.  Disney World
34.  Reunions with my college friends
35.  A perfectly blue sky
36.  Making my own Halloween costumes
37.  MFF
38.  Making new friends on EP
39.  My flowers staying alive all the way through September
40.  Trying on my summer clothes and they still fit!
41.  Pedicures
42.  The perfect pair of jeans
43.  Tevas
44.  Getting my hair done
45.  The last day of school
46.  The first day of school
47.  The State Fair
48.  Long weekends
49.  Softball Tournaments
50.  Reading a quote at the perfectely appropriate moment

It's 8:17 pm, half way there.  I could finish, but I have to go make dinner.  I will return....  There really is just so much to be happy about! 

Ok, it's 5:58 pm, 6/12/12 - next 50, here I come.....

51.  Christian Grey
52.  Teasing Quercus... ;O
53.  The Patriot's First Super Bowl Win
54.  Wicked
55.  When friends send me pictures they know I will enjoy 
56.  Words with Friends
57.  My nieces
58.  Puzzles
59.  Hot air balloons
60.  Santa Claus ( I KNOW HIM!!!) 
61.  Thank you notes that I don't expect
62.  My mom buying a dress for my daughter
63.  A College Scholarship ( ok, this is a wish, but if you don't put it out there, it won't come true. This would make me VERY happy!)
64.  The way my husband smells
65.  A clean house
66.  Someone else to clean my house ( again, if you don't put it out there, it may never happen...)
67.  My deck
68.  My Faerie
69.  My Princess
70.  My destry
71.  The way RedRubies is able to say everything I want to say, yet so much better
72.  Holding a baby
73.  Rainbows
74.  Cloud Shapes
75.  Hearing a song on the radio that you haven't heard in forever
76.  Days when I've convinced myself that 42 isn't that old
77.  Lobster
78.  Really good champagne (that sounds so snobby, but once you've had the good stuff, you can never go back...)
79.  Trying a new recipe and everyone loves it
80.  When my daughter puts her clothes away without me reminding her 47 times
81.  Surprise parties
82.  Random dancing
83.  Soccer
84.  Volleyball
85.  Watching the Summer Olympics
86.  The look on my daughter's face when she got the part she wanted in her play
87.  Beavers
88.  Air Conditioning
89.  A wood burning fireplace
90.  Steaks on the grill
91.  The snooze button
92.  The beeping sound on my bootcamp instructor's timer
93.  Snowshoeing
94.  Ice Fishing
95.  Candlelight in the bedroom
96.  Scavenger Hunts
97.  Making S'Mores
98.  Hugs
99. My home
100.  My life!

6:26 pm.    For those that bothered to read them all, I thank you, and good night! 

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4 Responses Jun 11, 2012


Reading your list made me happy!

My favorite was your mom buying your daughter a dress. So sweet. You are very fortunate to have that, to be able to experience that.<br />
Also, candlelight in the bedroom --I love that too<br />
and Hummingbirds. I adore them. <br />
Great list. Great idea.

I did mine in a mere five minutes. Of course it only has 5 things on it. :-)