Happiness Is A State Of Mind

1. My home is my sanctuary. I often work away but I'm really a homebody.

2. My Mother makes me smile, she has a great sense of humour.

3. My sisters always cheer me up: they can be crazy! I love them to bits.

4. My brother is my handyman, sometimes willingly sometimes not. Ha!

5. My neighbour's children are so gorgeous - South Korean beauties.

6.The Bougainvillea in my garden is beautiful, deep purple.

7. The bobtails and doves are my friends every morning, and the bandicoots too.

8. I have lost the weight I gained from giving up smoking.

9. I love the atmosphere of Christmas. Everyone is willing to share.

10. My best friend and I love to laugh, even when things don't go our way.

11. Old friends find me at Christmas time. A few nice surprises.

12. I feel happy and humbled when people tell me they care.

13. My nephew has offered to wrap my presents for me! Motive???

14. My sister's birthday is Christmas day. We're partying early for her..

15. My Man/Boy is actually Jewish but his family loves Christmas.

16. I really enjoy the cricket season. Oi Oi Oi Thunder down under!

17. I am so happy that I live by the ocean.

18. My niece got five A's and only one B.

19. I am immune again.

20. My gym closed down, which was sad, but I much prefer the new one.

21. My sister inherited a beautiful dog called Zac. But we have a nephew called Zac and don't know how to tell him. :)

22. Passed the "weights and measurements" test at the gym, with excellent results. I'm back at my optimum weight of 48 kgs and my BMI is 21.3. Yesss!

23. Blood pressure is a little too high, but I think that's just "White Coat Syndrome". Will work on it though.

24. I enjoy the solitude to read a book. My sister isn't so blessed. (But who is really the blessed one?)

25. I am not going to refuse any more invitations. 

26. I am going to watch more good movies.

27. I am going to lighten up even more and try and see both sides of every argument or situation.

28. I'm pleased I can lay all my cards on the table: no more ambiguity.

29. I am going to stop soul searching for a while and be gentler with me. I need a break.

30. EP is for me. No one else needs to know.

31. I have found a brilliant new hairdresser, right next door to my new gym. She's lovely, funny and talented.  

That will do for now......
Zoranna Zoranna
61-65, F
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

48 kilos is not many kilos...

I weigh even less now. Trying to put some weight back on.

Let me guess your height... 5'4" ?



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A nice list right there, thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for reading. :-)