1-25 of 100

I should be sleeping next to my hunny right now, so I'm only going to do 25 right now...

1- The way my daughter throws her arms around me, looks me in the eye and says "I love you, Mommy."

2-The way my boyfriend doesn't even have to say it because his eyes tell me all the time, but he says it anyway.

3-The way my boyfriend's dogs are finally obeying my commands almost as much as they obey his.

4-The fact that in such a short time my boyfriend and I are more connected than any of my relationships prior to ours.

5-The fact that we're about to move into our first house.

6-The smile on my daughter's face when she saw the room that will be hers.

7-That my boyfriend made coffee this morning to help me get up, but he'd never made coffee before-it was so adorable!

8-My first and second cup of coffee in the morning.

9-How every morning when my daughter wakes up she greets me with the same sweet "Good Morning, Mommy... I can have chocolate milk, pwease!?"

10-The peaceful look on my daughter's face as she sleeps.

11-Waking up next to the man I truly should be with.

12-Thinking back on the past 1.5 years of friendship with my boyfriend before we became a couple.

13-The way he referred to me as his fiance and my daughter as ours when he was on the phone with our new landlord... and when I questioned him about it he smirked at me because he didn't think I had heard him.  =)

14-The fact that my butt does look good in HIS jeans.  =)

15-The fact that his shirts fit me well too... I love that they smell like him no matter how often their washed.

16-The fact that no matter how many times he tells me he doesn't want to change me, I feel a wonderful change happening to myself that I can't control.  It seems like maybe I'm finally tasting happiness.

17-An overcast day with a slightly high chance of rain.  Even if it doesn't rain I love the anticipation of it.

18-And even better is when it does rain...no... pours.  As long as I'm not on the road or suppose to be driving anywhere while it's still raining.

19-It makes me more happy than I know how to describe that my life is finally coming together.  New boyfriend, new house, new start on life.

20-The fact that my daughter loves nature more than I do.  Her innocence and love for everything is infectious.

21-Lazy nights when it's just my boyfriend and me hanging out and watching movies.

22-Lazy days when it's just my daughter and I watching Nick Jr or Disney movies together.

23-Going to visit my family for the day.  Even if we're not all together at the same time... I like to house bounce.

24-Going to the park with my boyfriend and my daughter.  Watching them play together makes my mouth hurt from smiling.

25-That my boyfriend is goofy and not afraid to show it.


Okay... I know most of that was about my boyfriend or my daughter.  That's only a quarter of my list.  I'll come back and do that another time.

mscrazylady mscrazylady
26-30, F
Feb 23, 2009