100 Happy Thoughts!


So this was fun.  I have a list of 100 things.

I guess thinking positive is a good thing.




Holding puppies and Kittens


Blue skies and warm sunshine


Swimming in a lake on a hot summer day

A soft breeze

The smell of the ocean

The feeling of sand beneath my feet

The energy to run

Taking photographs of interesting subjects

Having meaningful conversations with people

Opening your soul to someone and having them still love you when you are done talking

Traveling and experiencing new things

The feeling of being loved


The feeling of being in deep in the woods on a warm summer day

The smell of a peach tree in bloom

Vanilla ice cream with lots of toppings

Apples fresh off of the tree

Rivers full of tiny fish

The song “Scientist” by Coldplay

A happy dog that is excited to see you

My perfect black dress

Being with people who are kind -not jerks




Hiking up mountains

Running down hills

Fresh peaches


Perfectly toasted bread

Sparkling fizzy soda

Beauty in simplicity

Hearing “I love you”

Feeling free

Learning new things

Having someone teach me something new

Seeing something for the first time


Being alone

Being with people

Talking with people

Designing new things

Wearing pretty clothes

A warm fluffy towel after a hot shower

Watching a bird fly

Having dreams come true

Making things for people

Sleeping at night when I am exhausted

Waking up refreshed

Feeling happy

Having a good song in my heart

Helping people

Living with integrity

White cake

Hearing stories

Telling stories

Car rides

Visiting unique little shops



Clear skin

Green eyes

Blue eye

Brown eyes

Knowing that I’m stronger now then I was before

People I care about





Books, especially informative ones

Playing number games

Fires on the beach

Fresh shrimp with cocktail sauce

Roller coasters

Dark chocolate



Not having someone tell me I’m stupid and worthless…

The thought that God loves me

The quest for purpose

The gift of purpose

The sense of purpose

The feeling of completeness

Having someone tell me that I matter to them

Late night conversations

Being busy at work

Feeling playful -especially when I should be working :)

Goofing off

A fresh coat of paint in the wall

Messing up and being forgiven for it

Being lost in thought


Watching stars



Having wonderful things happen

Loving someone

Having someone there for me




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4 Responses Feb 24, 2009

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Aww thanks 5C's! I love my list too! :D

Wow I love that list!

This is an excellent exercise especially for those people who log on to ep just to whinge about their weight or job or mate........we all need to be more aware and grateful for our blessings