Up For the Challenge...

1. Anything unique

2. When others go against the grain and do it well

3. When my 4 kids hang out together and like it

4. When my coffee stays hot and I don't have to re-heat it

5. The smell of something baking in the oven

6. When my husband brings me something and it's not a holiday

7. Being with people who truly "get" me

8. Movies that I can relate to

9. Curling up with a good book and no iterruptions

10. Knowing I made a positive difference in someones life

11. When my kids say I love you back

12. Living Green

13. Flowers

14. Wind

15. Camping with my family and friends

16. Being alone but knowing there are people who love me

17. Walking my dog

18. Picnics on the beach

19. Justice

20. Summer Shanty beer

21. A good pizza

22. Tiramisu

23. Sincere hugs

24. When my kids are courageous

25. Being organized

26. Finishing a task and finishing well

27. Having things in common with others

28. A clean house

29. A great hair cut

30. An outing that was so fun I have a hard time falling asleep

31. Taking each of my kids out for their own time with mom

32. Early morning

33. Intimate conversation

34. Allowing others to feel thier own emotions and not trying to rescue them

35. When I'm accepted for who I am

36. Smiles and laughter

37. Living with in our means

38. Giving unexpectedly

39. Fun socks

40. Stripes

41. My kitchen table, it reminds me of a great day

42. Our Christmas decorations and the memories they hold

43. Sushi

44. A cold glass of pinot griggio

45. Banana bread

46. When my mom stops talking

47. Mowing the lawn

48. Digging in the earth

49. Writing in my journal

50. My arms

51. My breast implants...I don't regret it for one minute!

52. Seeing my childrens art work on my wall

53. When every one likes the meal I made

54. When my family thanks me for things

55. Hot showers

56. The end of a rough day

57. Using vegetables from our garden

58. All four seasons for different reasons

59. Cross country Skiing

60. A good work out

61. Driving with music

62. Driving on a cold day with the heat on and the windows open

63. When I can truly laugh at myself 

64. When I am witty

65. Crocheting scarves

66. When I let go and just have fun

67. Helping friends clean their homes

68. Helping friends do their shopping

69. Listening and being listend to

70. Chocolate....smooth

71. A long bike ride

72. Catching up with old friends

73. Leaving a room better when I leave than how I found it

74. Excellence

75. Intelligent quotes

76. When I'm not the only thing on my mind

77. Giving big tips

78. Complimenting others

79. When my kids are honest

80. When my husband opens up to me

81. A good board game

82. Pop corn from the theater

83. Coupons

84. Finding a new coffee shop

85. Watching my kids enjoy themselves

86. That there is a story behind every knick knack in my house

87. When my kids clean up after themselves

88. A good back and foot rub

89. Traditions

90. Knowing that home is not where I go every day it's who lives there

91. My Bible

92. Bird feeders

93. Visiting big cities

94. Log cabins

95. The smell of fire

96. A clear night sky

97. Silence

98. Being forgiven

99. Forgiving others

100. Love 

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31-35, F
Feb 27, 2009