I'm Not Sure I Can Get 100


Star Trek TOS, Comments, Talking to people, being the only one in the house, big old houses, coffee ice cream, Jon Stewart, snow, snow days, psychology class, the letter X, my best friend, drawing pictures of my favorite shows that come out right, fanfiction, British comedies, playing tag, acting ridiculous with friends, dressing up, editing videos, inking and coloring my friend's pictures, when people draw for me, a funny remark, my papa's weirdness, my cats, the cold, cold wet dreary days with a friend, walking around with no particular destination with my best friend, stupid things, the bus driver who yells at me for not buttoning my coat, getting something correct, being praised, spending a day just relaxing, great food, learning new trivia, when someone laugh at my jokes, someone I don't know talking to me, certain words, go out to eat, hanging out with my grandma, walking through the woods, thinking, my cats, new music, new markers, laughing with my mom, going to the grocery store, doing something no one else can do, understanding something- 50 marking point-reading, wind, when others understand me, m brothers, odd silly conversations, finding something old, going to salvation army, going to flea markets, french fries, Vernors, when my best friend and I say the exact same thing at the exact same time, silly funny arguments, reading my best friend's mind, something interesting to watch, the fact that my best friend insists on feeding me every chance she can get, that time I went to school on a day I really didn't want to but then found out that there was no school that day, slushies, sharing, shopping, cafes, the UP, pretty old movies, dark and strange things, Jeeves and Wooster novels, Slash, Sherlock Holmes, essays on thing I like, fake science, mail, packages for me, presents, proving my mom wrong, doing something that pleases my mom, pocket watches, old fashioned clothes, military uniforms, men in uniform, my best friend's house with the reading nook, teasing my best friend, personality tests, talking to other INFP'S, having nothing to do, having done everything right for a change, gaining some drawing skill, "light bulb moments", dogs that I like, when other people bounce my curls, a good ego stroker, reading the ingredients on Hagen daz ice cream,  AND 100 I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT THIS FAR BEING ALONE WITH MY BEST FRIEND.

Orypeci Orypeci
18-21, F
Mar 5, 2009