100 Things That Make Me Happy (not In Order)

Since it is labled as 'things' I will try to stay away from people specifically here (except memories of them) otherwise I will end up leaving somebody special out.


1) Getting a chance to visit with my mother made me very happy

2) Reading just for pleasure but I don't have time for it

3) Learning new things- and even better:

4) Being given the opportunity to learn things systematically

5) My belief in heaven

6) Game nights with my family

7) Eating Captian Crunch peanut butter cereal

8) Sleeping

9) Watching Comedies

10) Having a life of no stress and worry (it would make me happy if I did!)

11) Taking a drive

12) preparing for and celebrating family birthdays

13) when my husband calls me out of the blue

14) talking on the phone with my mother in law on Sundays

15) when my daughter is actually around the house!

16) knowing my daughter is happy

17) watching my husband be happy

18) emailing my brother Gene (and I would feel happy about emailing my other brothers too if they emailed me!)

19) Getting a text message from my sister

20) Thinking about the love of God (even though it seems absent from this world)

21) Listening to the Gaither Family sing

22) If this was in order it would be number one: spending any amount of time with my daughter that I can!

23) Spending any amount of time with my husband that I can.

24) watching my daughter be happy makes me happy!

25) spending any amount of time with my husband's family, or any members of his family, any time with my family or any memebers of my family:  ALL this makes me happy.

26) Getting a call from one of my family members or friends from out of state or country makes me very happy.

27) feeling like I have really accomplished something at work makes me happy.

28) hugging my husband makes me happy.

29) being at home no matter what I am doing makes me happy.

30) doing anything productive makes me happy.

31) successfully controlling the amount of flimflam that comes out of my mouth makes me VERY VERY happy!

32) looking into my husband's eyes makes me happy (I know sounds cliche but wow if you looked into my husband's eyes you too would be very happy (I am not kidding- he is one great guy!).

33) saving money makes me happy

34) watching Mary Tyler-Moore makes me happy (though it triggers me too sometimes into the worst feelings!).

35) money makes me happy (haha this was inspired by the comment below that said, 'you should think about the things that make you happy so you can attract more in your life, haha).


I guess instead of trying to 'come up with a list' and thus contriving things, I will write this list gradually as things that truly make me happy come to me!



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It is good to think of things that make you happy so you can attract more happy things into your life.