That Was a Lot to Come Up With...

1. being loved

2.loving others

3.smiling and meaning it

4. helping others

5. my kids (most of the time)

6.feeling accomplished

7.buying sexy shoes

8. looking all gir-a-fied (especially for someone special)

9. sexy things

10. a great kiss

11. a hug

12. a thank you

13.knowing you did everything you could

14. doing the right thing



17. baking

19. having a get together with your friends

20. chill'n out

21. loving someone

22.making  jokes

23.holding your own

24.reading a hot story

25.smelling the roses (flowers in general)



30.santa claus


32.making people happy


34.going fast

35.going slow

36.drawing with little kids




40.expressing my thoughts


42.having somebody else drive the car

43."The Incredibles" movie

44.songs that have meaning to me

45.high heels


47.taking picture

48.a beautifull crisp morning

49. the water

50. the ocean

51.grannysmith apples

52.did I say my friends, OMG if I didn't say them yet

53.the potential to do lots of things


55.bagpipes in kilts

57.beautifull arcitecture

58.a big cumfy shirt/sweeter

59.a hot bath/shower

60.a vacation

61.the beach


63.the moon

64.the sun

65.holding hands


67.good food

68.a beautifull day

69.playing in the snow

70.building a snowman

71.people who listen

72.gut wrenching laughs

73.a job you like

74.getting my nails done


77.a starry night

78.a crisp night


81.stupid little things that make you smile

82.a good bra

83.seeing my kids happy

84.staying connected

86.good company

87.a good drink

88.decorating things

89.people asking/excepting my help

90.being right

91.being a dork

92.working with my hands

93.doing an honest days work

94.a picinic teddy bear/dog

96.a cumffy blanket

97.a good nights sleep

98.being alive

99.building things

100.special people in my life

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4 Responses Mar 26, 2009

It was interesting to come up with 100 things. At the begining it's pretty easy, then you just want to throw stuff out there, then you actually start thinking. It was interesting. Thanks

Wow! a full list of 100!<br />
That must have felt nice though once you completed it, and reviewed the list to see how many of those things are regularly obtainable :-)<br />
<br />
Very uplifting!!!!

Hahahaha. I don't know maybe you would like a nice fitting bra and high heels. Lol

Its amazing how much you can learn about someone from that list, and except for the good fitting bra and the high heels its even more amazing how much we think alike.<br />