In no particular order..

  1. Hearing a song that I know all the words
  2. My Imagination
  3. Rain
  4. Fog on an early autumn day
  5. Forget-Me-Nots
  6. Promises
  7. Books By Issac Asimov
  8. Seeing true love between two people
  9. Being able to love unconditionally
  10. Whispering
  11. Uncontrollable Laughter
  12. Unbridled openness with someone I care about
  13. Odd Dreams
  14. Madagascar Vanilla Red Tea
  15. My Mother's anecdotes
  16. Baking A monumental amount only to discover I need to bake more because people don't know how to pace themselves :)
  17. Fruit Trees
  18. Finding amusement in my own flaws
  19. Seeing something in someone they don't even see in themselves
  20. Christmas,Thanksgiving,Halloween..any and all holidays
  21. Seeing dust particles in a stream of sunlight
  22. Having such intense emotion I can't describe it accurately
  23. Knowing the word for exactly how I feel
  24. Being there when someone needs me
  25. Being enough
  26. Being sleepy-happy
  27. Fogged tips on brand new crayons
  28. Flowers
  29. When people tell me I did something to make them smile. :]
  30. Board games
  31. Late nights staying up with Alex in her room and laughing hysterically
  32. Coloring
  33. Huge oak trees
  34. Mature trees that line both sides of a street and meet in the middle
  35. expressions of affection
  36. Stockings with ribbons :P
  37. Friends ~
  38. Cello Music
  39. Smiling at someone sitting across from me and having them smile back
  40. Marathons of old television series
  41. Nail polish
  42. Jumping Spiders
  43. Tall grass
  44. When people feel comfortable enough to be themselves around me
  45. Letting the hot water run in the tub so the porcelain is warm before I step into a shower
  46. Him ♥
  47. Exchanging letters with someone via snail mail
  48. Uncontrollable smiling-Knowing that I look ridiculous for it and not caring
  49. Holding a baby
  50. Swings
  51. Sitting in front of a camp fire early in the morning,while it's lightly drizzling
  52. Camping
  53. Mushrooms growing in a ring (Fairy Rings)
  54. Snails
  55. Seeing a crab walk in their funny,peculiar way
  56. Christmas and Autumn Wreaths
  57. Walking around the neighborhood when no one else is around
  58. Guys in suits (Hehe :3 )
  59. Seeing Alex happy
  60. Hearing Michael rambling on and on about something he saw on the discovery channel
  61. Falling asleep reading Mad Magazine
  62. A book so good I stay up all night reading it
  63. The people on EP :)
  64. Discovering someone I'm close to trusts me
  65. Bubble Tea
  66. Thinking of random questions to ask
  67. When my family still calls me 'Katie Girl'
  68. Pumpkin Patches
  69. Going through a corn field maze with night :)
  70. Wet socks
  71. Singing along to the songs in musicals
  72. When people tell me they missed me (and mean it)
  73. Star Trek :P
  74. New Technology
  75. When someone is as excited and wow-ed by new technology as I am
  76. Watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve on the television
  77. Eating with chop sticks
  78. Polka Dots
  79. Candles
  80. When things are cllleeeaaannn
  81. Mud
  82. When people say something other than 'Bye' :P
  83. Sappy quotes
  84. Caterpillars
  85. Humming Birds
  86. Finding out how something works
  87. Hugs
  88. Giant Pretzels
  89. When people tell me secrets :P
  90. Breezes
  91. Coffee
  92. When people do that thing where they raise one eye brow,lol
  93. Waffle Makers
  94. Sharpies
  95. Ivy growing on houses
  96. Fire Places
  97. San Francisco
  98. Grape Vines
  99. Bus Rides
  100. Puzzles that I can keep out and work on for weeks

I can't believe how long that took me. XD



AmayaEkio AmayaEkio
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3 Responses Sep 21, 2009

I love number 8. :)


=) you made me smile!