100 Things That Make Me Happy ( Besides Money )

I love them all....depending on my needs and moods at that point of time...lol

1) My cell phone

2) My laptop

3) My daughter's giggles

4) Shopping for clothes,shoes and BAGS

5) Falling in love

6) Great sex

7) Deep,long .................wet kisses

8) Blue jeans

9) Looking in to each others eyes while making love

10) Perfumes

11) Lipsticks

12) Being loved

13) Long drives.....never ending?

14) Romance

15) Thunder storms

16) Winter

17) Open air Cafeterias

18) Posing for photos

19) Taking photos

20) Receiving and giving genuine compliments

21) Fresh flowers....may be a bunch of Daisies!!!!!!!!

22) Being 37...I have never felt so confident before

23) Holding hands ANY WHERE ...ANY TIME

24) Listening to my favorite songs(mostly sad ones...lol) over and over again

25) Being a listener .....when everyone wants to talk at the same time..lol

26) Looking good

27) Watching sun sets with someone special

28) Cuddling all day in the couch

29) Watching movies at the theaters

30) Going for a vacation.....wish it never ends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31) Hanging out at a toy store with my daughter

32) Brownies just out of the oven

33) Text messages

34) Watching my daughter perform on the stage

35) Sound and smell of the rains

36) Gazing at the night sky

37) Having someone play with my hair

38) Freshly washed white bed sheets

39) Long showers

40) Detective Novels

41) Answering questions with questions

42) Talking with someone who knows how to talk...lol

43) Taking a nap during the day and staying up all night

44) Clothes that don't need to be ironed

45) Walking bare feet on a clean floor

46) Fruit smoothies......strawberry

47) A mystery movie with a touch of ROMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

48) Magazines of all kinds

49) Making myself the biggest ice-cream sundae with chocolate sauce,whipped cream and lots of nuts.....(oh,no...I was on a diet)

50) My all times favorite classic " Age Of Innocence" by Edith Wharton

51) Meeting an old friend after many years

52) Sparkling toilets

53) Hanging out at the shopping malls with my daughter

54) Yummy....Pizza

55) EP

56) Stickers,new coloring pencils,and stationary of all kinds

57) Kissing in the rains...on a deserted road

58) Being there for my loved ones

59) Telling "I LOVE YOU" to my daughter (hundred times a day ?)

56) Watching Marc Anthony music videos on you tubes

57) Sunny days

58) Getting a manicure done

59) Playing with my looks

60) Crying when I really need it

61) Jude Law movies

62)  Fizzy drinks

63) Fountains

64) Walking on the beach when it's not crowded

65) Hanging out at bookstores for hours

66) Branded Sun Glasses

67) Getting lost in a new city with someone special

68) Looking through my web albums

69) Receiving a love letter

70) Gelly candies

71) Chatting of any kind..on line,over the phone,face to face

72) Ghost stories

73) Being alone without feeling alone

74) Palm trees

75) Day dreaming

76) Butterflies

77) Handmade Greeting Cards

78) Smell of  freshly made coffee...mmmm

79) Heavenly smelling Shower Gels

80) Good, sharp knives(just for cutting the vegetables...lol)

81) Looking out of the windows when it's raining

82) Scented candles of all colors and shapes

83) Picnics

84) Sandwiches

85) Yummy deserts

86) Art and craft books

87) Making bracelets with colorful beads

88) Scrapbooking

89) Being told "Mommy,you are the best !"

90) Stained glass windows

91) Visiting Historical places

92) Visiting Forts

93) A single mapel leaf

94) A single red rose

95) Costume jewelleries

96) Expensive watches

97) Barbie dolls ( my childhood memories)

98) Fresh fluffy towels

99) Letters in my books

100) Kisses on my lips..... *blushes*

and many many more things ....I think, I need to make one more list of  the 100 things that make me happy....DON'T WORRY,I WILL NOT!!!!!....lol.




Aliva Aliva
36-40, F
4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Awesome list. I can relate to many..

Thanks Avalon! <br />
Yeah,these are the things that make me happy :)

Hi,Creamms...Thanks for going through the list patiently. *Hugs*<br />
<br />
Give it a try....I am sure you will find it difficult to stop......

WOW! I wish I had the patients to think of a 100 things. Sort of thing you could pull out and make yourself smile when you having a low day :P Was a nice read