Ima Start Thinking

I may have to revise this list from time to time...

1. world peace

2. hearing my father clearly

3 .shrimp scampi

4. successful children

5. my family to get along

6. granny would let me have the 30 acres left.

7. pink fuzzy slippers

8. long hot bubble baths

9. candy

10. sex

11. peace of mind

12. a well running automobile

13. a well oiled man

14. a helpmate

15. growing my vegatables and steak

16. retiring early

17 sipping margaritas on the black sand

18. owning a boat i can live on

19. an oiympic size pool in the back yard

20. morning swims

21 fishing for breakfast ( FRIED BRIM AND CHEESE GRITS)


23. getting my PharmD

24. if the illuminati would fade out

25. i could teleport myself around the world

Ill think of some more be continued

26 breakfast in bed naked

27. to own my own restaurant

28. to win the lottery just once

29. to meet my ancestors

30. be a fly on the wall when people are talking about me

aliceinwonderment aliceinwonderment
36-40, F
Feb 14, 2010