100 That Make Me Life Bright

These aren't in any order, but yippy here I go!!

1.)Elizabeth 2.)Summer 3.)Claire 4.)Thomas 5.)Dreaming 6.)Reading good books and cuddling up in a blanket while drinking coco 7.)My guitar 8.)Hugs 9.) waking up from a great night 10.)Concerts 10.)Spending time with the people that I love 11.)Sunny Skies 12.)Being understood 13.)Running in the sprinklers under the moonlight 14.)Fairytales 15.)Swingsets 16.)Cuddling 17.)Sushi 18.)Memories 19.)Expressing my happiness with others 20.)My kitties 21.)June 22.)Watching clouds making out funny shapes 23.)Rollercoaster 24.)Surfing 25.)All my beautiful friends 26.)Music 27.)When somebody gives you flowers 28.)Wild nights 29.) Warm Cookies with Icecream 30.)emotional hugs 31.)Singing 32.)Acting immature and having fun 33.)bringing out the inner child 34.)The Temptations 35.)Those butterflies you get in your stomach from somebody else 36.)People who make me laugh till I cry 37.)Coloring 38.) Those moments where you smile and think "I love life" 39.)Meeting new people 40.) Adventures 41.) Exploring 42.)Dancing around in my underwear 43.) Mangos 44.) My journal 45.) Romantic movies 46.)Campfires while roasting marshmellows and telling ghost stories 47.)Workouts(odd but it makes me feel happier) 48.)Dancing or kissing in the rain 49.)Looking at the stars 50.)When you hold my hand 51.)Trust 52.)Brightening up somebody's day 53.)Replaying incrediable moments 54.) Living incrediable moments 55.)Parties 56.)Sleeping in 66.)When I make a dramatic entrance 57.)Saying hi to random people 58.)San Fransisco 59.)Nature 60.)Long walks 61.)Hiking 62.)That time of night where you are over-tired and everything seems so funny! 63.)When you talk to me before I talk to you 64.)Songs with lyrics that blow me away 65.) Being rebellious(tends to happen alot) 66.)Security 67.) Freedom 68.)Impulse 69.) Happiness! :D 70.)Using my creativity 71.)Wearing my passion pants lol (inside joke) 72.)Sharing my opinions and having them respected 73.) Jack Johnson 74.)Blueberry muffins 75.) When you call me beautiful 76.)When you call me 77.)Laying in the grass with your friends 78.)Staying up late 79.)Summer Arts Festival 80.)Henna Tattoos 81.)Weekends 82.)When you have something exciting planned 84.) Holidays 85.)Deep conversations right before you go to bed at a sleepover 86.)Making scary movies 87.)Vacations 88.)Being counted on 89.)When you know that two people are together before anybody else does 90.)People who agree that Sarah Palin and George Bush are stupid and should not run our country to the ground :) 91.)Experiencing new things 92.)Climbing Trees 93.) Positive emotions 94.)Waking up in my middle of the night and listening to the rain 95.)When the power goes out in the computer lab at school and we have a game day 96.)The Boardwalk 97.)Having fun with fun people 98.)Dressing up and pretending to be all fancy 99.)family 100.)Being myself

BehindBlueEyes11 BehindBlueEyes11
18-21, F
Mar 3, 2010