100 Things That Male Me Happy...won't Be Hard To Find !

Not in any order

1) My friends, I don't know what I'd do without them 2) My sister, she's the most important person in my life 3) My family in general, they're just great 4) My studies, I really LOVE what I do 5) waking up at night and knowing i can still sleep for a very long time 6) being very far from the city, and smelling the scent of freshly cut grass and rain 7) Being at home with a good book under my covers while there is a huge storm outside 8) Walking in the city at night without my glasses, everything is blurred it's beautiful 9) Playing with the kids i babysit 10) Meeting my girlfriends around a diet coke and talking about all the latest gossips 11) Skiing 12) Feeling pretty 13) Listenning to music 14) Singing, even though I definitely can't ! 15) Doing something I really had to do 16) the smell of waffles in the morning 17) a warm summer day 18) Watching Glee 19) Going to Disneyland 20) finding old pictures and realizing that thanks God i've changed ! 21) Christmas, I just love it ! 22) Watching Dirty Dancing, I know every line of this movie 23) running down a hill as fast as i can 24) burrying my feet in the sand at the beach 25) playing games with my friends 26) doing crosswords 27) eating sushi 28) cooking 29) Jamie Cullum 30) going to a concert 31) Seeing someone I love happy 32) going to Ikea 33) doing weird dances with my roomate 34) remembering something funny and laughing alone in the bus 35) singing in the street when i know no one can hear me 36) smiling to strangers 37) discovering new music 38) painting my fingernails 39) Staying up late with my friends 40) taking a bath 41) Meeting new people 42) hugs 43) The Sound of Music 44) musicals in general 45) reading or watching stupid things I should be ashamed of. But i'm not :) 46) reading a book I already know by heart 47) learning new things 48) travelling 49) drinking wine and eating cheese 50) feeling exhausted after working out

51) Going to London 52) finding what I've been looking for for so long (like a name, or a song) 53) getting post cards 54) Wrapping up presents 55) knowing I'm loved 56) being a little crazy 57) buying new clothes 58) getting along really well with people I just met 59) writting 60) knowing that I can be helpful 61) donating my blood 62) Queer as Folk 63) taking a nap 64) eating a really good burger 65) being able to recognize a mythologic scene without reading the title of the painting 66) foreigners speaking french with such a cute accent 67) seeing my so hot teacher at college 68) getting good grades 69) being barefoot 70) walking under the rain 71) listenning to someone reading me a story 72) talking to myself 73) naming my furniture 74) coloring 75)losing weight 76) being able to eat healthy food 77) daydreaming about the guy I love 78) laughing for no reason 79) road trips 80) knowing that no matter where they are, my friends and I will always love eachother 81)  standing up for something i believe in 82) getting messages from people who don't want anything but telling me they're thinking about me 83) knowing that gay couples can finally adopt in some parts of the world 84) sleeping 85) getting flowers 86) romantic stories 87) Sweet Caroline 88) Harry Potter 89) Buffy Summers 90) Reading Jane Eyre 91) finding shoes that actually fit me 92) being told that i'm a good friend 93) being healthy 94) the full moon 95) drinking champagne 96) trying new stuff 97) tolerance 98) being open-minded 99) my cat 100) waking up early and feeling rested

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18-21, F
Mar 7, 2010