1.Anime, anime is really cool to watch and I also love to read anime. So anime is great to me and I love the story lines also in anime X//{3
2. Candy, it's funny cuz I get all excited just hearing the word 'Candy' and I like sweet things ://{3
3. Inspiring people. That's why I really like the YouTube community so much >w< They make me laugh and are entertaining as well as encouraging. I would very much feel honored to meet someone from YouTube someday ^///^ Of course, I know those aren't the only inspiring people... People like that are truly something to be thankful for saying 'It's okay to be different' They're so nice >///< I always like being an inspiring person so I hope I'm not too dull/boring... I try ^w^
4. Music. I like 'Simple Plan' 'All American Rejects' 'Three Days Grace' 'Green Day' 'Panic at the Disco'... I like a lot of different types of genres and songs. Musicals are great too. And I like the songs from Disney ://{3 Music is so nice ^w^
5. I like showing affection and cheering people up. Even with animals I guess you could call them 'inspiring mammals' Just relaxing on the couch snuggling with me dogs is a moment I will always cherish and I also want other people to feel good like that. A lot of great people exist in the world, but it's not always easy to find them... I think I heard that somewhere before;//{3 Ummm ^w^ Yep, that's my list! Bye! I love you :{)
Brain: Well that list didn't TOTALLY bomb in my heart :,{3 In fact if you weren't so annoying we might actually have a future together... In Friendship ^w^' Only if you're lucky. Don't count on it Dweeb >w<
Me: Hooray, we're friends now :///{3 It's more than I could hope for ^w^
Brain: NO no wait I changed my mind >w<
Me: But you make me laugh OwO That's attractive X//{3
Brain: Well I am awesome, just do everything I say ever and we won't have any problems ^//w//^ *As long as it's convenient for me :{P Muhahaha >w<*
Me: Nope... Yolo X{3
Brain: owO
That makes me happy too ^///^

SquirrellyGal2493 SquirrellyGal2493
Aug 18, 2014