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The 4 On My Mind Right Now

Life should be like this website.  Sure many of us '*****', but if we don't like this place, atleast there's an alternative.  All of us still here are here cause we _chose to stay_, not because there was no other option.


Here are things annoying me now:


1)  Microsoft:  If you're internet connection is down at home, you can't just download software at work, put on a CD and install at home.  Their website checks to make sure you're running the same flavor of Windows and won't let you download many things based on the computer you happen to be on at the moment.  This is all to protect profits, and is BS.  The copy of Windows I'll be installing to is legal, and the correct version, but I have to pay because they want to prevent the loss of every possible dime otherwise lost to pirates...


2) My cellphone provider:  They have decided to no longer support using a phone as modem "at any price"...  Any price?  _WHY_??  And what's to stop someone from downloading an SDK for the os on the phone and writing their own apps to do this?  I pay these people to communicate bytes.  They are my bytes, and what right do they have to tell me where those bytes come from or what to do with those bytes once I get them back?


3)  I downloaded this demo of this software app and the thing was "expired" the second I installed.  I wouldn't have said anything except they e-mailed me to ask how my experience went.  I replied and told them what happened.  They basically in so many words just told me that their software doesn't lie :-D ...  I told them my operating system and other circumstances just incase these guys one day admit their installer or demo has a bug :-D   Meanwhile, what's to stop someone from taking a brand new computer, installing their demo, finding out what the hell this thing puts in the registry (or elsewhere on the drive), so we can find it it, turn it off and use their software as much as we like?  Not that I'm a dishonest person that really wants to rip anyone off, but the fact that they sell their software at 1/4th to 1/5th the cost to students but _WON'T_ give this special price to someone teaching themselves, _does_ make this temping :-D


4) objectum-sexuality groups :-D ...  This subculture is currently run by a monopoly that will literally murder (by this I specifically mean:  forcibly blackball out people who need such interaction to survive) to prevent any discussion of this subject from occuring anywhere but it's current monopolistic umbrella.

lesshissMORECAT lesshissMORECAT 31-35 1 Response Apr 12, 2010

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1) I did _my part_ when I installed Linux :-D... if I have a good experience with Linux, I can tell people how incredibly easy the install went too and why they shouldn't be afraid to try this too :-D. Then I'll REALLY be doing my part :-)<br />
<br />
3) Really, this company has a discounted student price because they know students aren't making money with the software. I'm not a professional designer using the software for to do real work for people and _I'm not either_. I'm just learning. Basically I'm saying "I'm not making any money with your software" and they're basically saying (similar to the issue about the demo install) "We don't believe you". Does anyone really want to spend money with a company who is suspicious of everyone? What if I need service after the sale? Gonna question my motives _then too_? Maybe someone's written an open source Linux app that does what your Windows app does I hope?<br />
<br />
4) I was the perfect target for this injustice cause I had skeletons in my closet from damage I took from normal society prior to meeting them, and also because of how angry I got after they wounded me. This evil person who did this to me got very "lucky". 'she' was actually quite scared in the beginning I think before this was apparent too (this is probably why right after this happened the 2 websites I was posting about it to were getting hit regularly with DoS attacks-- which is incidentally a prosecutable CRIME as just about everything else this girl did to me _SHOULD BE_ but isn't). If I hadn't been so damaged beforehand, people might have finaly seen this "leader" for what they really are: someone who cares about their own fame and fortune, and not the cause or their "organization"'s members. This was the _ONLY REAL ISSUE_ I was ostracized for. Everything else is just something used to shut me up that has nothing to do with that real issue. It's not really "about me". This issue is really about how crookedly run ob<x>jectum-sexuality currently is. People know bits and pieces of the facts, but it takes brainpower and time and effort for people to put them together. Someday the truth will come out though and this person will be exposed for what 'she' is.