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Group Of Friends

me and a group of guys, when we were in high school, love to tickle our classmates until they pee..

one of us will hold the girl hands up.
another will tickle her armpits.
3rd will tickle her waist/stomach.

There was one time where a girl in our class,
got tickled this way by us infront of the whole class.
after few mins, we managed to tickle her until she pees.
and that was infront of the whole class in school!!!
but then she run away and cried in the toilet.
reporting this to our teacher later.

another time, while in a school bus, me and the same group of guys were sitting at the back..
then we saw that same girl as above.
she came sitting down in the middle of us(with us hiding our faces of course.
Next one of us quickly covers her mouth,
and hold her hands together.
then we tickled her from her legs all the way until her armpits.
after few mins, when it seems like she had reached her limit,
we let her go, and she let out a scream, which attracts everyone to look at her,
and before we know it, she had peed herself again.

but when i was older, 20 years old to be exact.
i got my retribution.
i was at a birthday party, when all of a sudden, 3 guys pinned me down.
then 2 girls tickle my body till i ****, with all the guests laughing at me.
That was my 20th birthday.

j441167 j441167 22-25, M 2 Responses Apr 10, 2011

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Do it to meee

me and three of my girlfriends held a girl down in class we didnt like her much so we tickeled her till she peed her panties in class in front of EVERYONE this was a all girls school but still embarrassed her a lot and best of all she got spanked for it too