My Wife And My Cousin

Has anyone allow their cousin to touch their wife's **** or finger their wife while she sleeps? I did. My wife, when she sleeps, nothing can wake her up. She's in another world of her own.

Late one night, when my wife when to sleep, I ask my cousin if he wanted to touch my wife's **** instead of always going to a ***** bar (Yes, that's where my cousin and I go after my wife goes to sleep. We spent hours at the ***** bars). But this time, we stayed at home instead.

He said Yes. So, I went to my room, and started to touch my wife ****. I lift up her shirt and blouse. Not knowing if she was fully asleep yet, I told my cousin to turn off the light and wait in the dark until i give him the signal to come in my room. Just in case my wife wakes up, I can say that my cousin left. Anyway, my wife didn't wake up, so i told my cousin to come in.

The room was dark, but he managed to touch her ****. He then later use his iphone to take a photo of her ****. He told me that his **** has up, and he really wanted to **** her. At that moment, I say "go for it!" so, he slowly pull down her pants and underwear. Started to lick he *****. I was watching it from start to finish. I noticed that my wife was moaning a bit, not sure if she was a wake or not... maybe she thought it was me and didn't really care so she didn' open her eyes. However, all in all, he got what he wanted.

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Jan 16, 2013