My Fantasies About Tying My Wife

I love my wife very much but she is quite unadventurous regarding sex. I love to tie her up but this is not something she is particularly into. She has however let me do this on a number of occasions but she doesn't get anything out of it clearly not enjoying it.

As a result I fantasise a lot about tying my wife in different scenarios. The most common is overpowering her in her office at home. She wears suits and heels or boots regularly and I particularly love tying her dressed up like this. I want to grab her from behind, tie her arms behind her back, tie her ankles to the chair, blindfold her and tie lots of rope round her chest. Slowly I would undo her blouse, lower her bra and remove her ****. These would be clamped. I would raise her skirt, cut a hole in her pantyhose and cut her knickers off, using the material to gag her mouth.

I would then get a vibrator and use it on her *****. I would love to video this so I could watch it over and over and fantasise about other men watching this and ******* over her like this.

This won't ever happen but it's nice to dream!

jonnygib jonnygib
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 7, 2010

It makes for a most excellent fantasy doesn't it?